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Hillcrest High School Reviews

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Hillcrest is an amazing school! The teachers and staff are always there to help when us students need it. I wouldn't want to attend high school anywhere else!
Hillcrest High School is a very distinct school. We are have many different people of different ethnicity that attend my school. We are a very traditional school. We are very athletic. We are 3A State Champions. The only thing that I would like to see change at Hillcrest would be the college preparedness.
Hillcrest is a diverse highschool who has a variety of ethnicities that range from African american - Hispanics. Their is a little problems with administration and teachers, but sports are very good. we have recently won the class 3A State Championhip in football.
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What did I like about my High School? My experience at Hillcrest was very unique in itself. Hillcrest is in the small town of Evergreen, AL. This is a very close-knit community, with a passion for athletics. I played Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. I enjoyed every minute of those games whether we were winning or losing, its memory that I will always cherish. Athletics gave me a good work ethic and the mindset to never give up no matter the score.
The things that I would like to see change at Hillcrest is the curriculum or core classes. I would like to see more advance AP courses offered. I feel like I could have done more, if I was given the opportunity. I am currently ranked #3 in my graduating class of 115 students with a 3.98 GPA. I can honestly say that I will miss my High School days, however I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life “college”. Thank you for your time.
I learned a lot of things about Hillcrest High School. The teachers here are very nice and they care about our futures. They want to see us succeed.
My school had so many great things, but also many bad things. I feel as though my experiences with Hillcrest made me who i am today. It was hard, but fun. I made it through all because of my School. I wouldnt trade it for the world. The only thing i would like to change about it is the food. It wasnt too great
Well, it’s basically what every high schooler would experience during the years . This is my senior year I only have 5 months then I’m gone so my advice to you would be cherish your high school moments. I would change the timing for class instead on periods I would prefer blocks if it was this way I wouldn’t have to go back to school next semester & would graduate early because I would have all my credits.
I liked the fact that me and my classmates thought of each other as family not just friends. I graduated in 1993 and my class was the first class to go through the school year from 9-12 grade when the school first started.
Some teachers try harder than others to make sure everyone understands a lesson .
I do not know who submitted these recent reviews but it has to be the teachers. Hillcrest High School did not prepare me for life or college. The teachers are not good at doing their jobs and the Board of Education members like Mary Bradley Ray do not even go around visiting the schools. All she did was get that grading scale changed. She need to be voted out. This school needs to let the state take over it and get the academics back on track.
This school has a variety of extracurricular activities for students to engage in, including after school programs.
Teachers, in general, provide fairly good classroom instruction and deem to have knowledge of lesson contents.
In my opinion, the health and safety programs are fairly good.
I am proud to have made it to this point in my life and to be a Senior this year. I am looking forward to my future and to become a productive citizen of society. Being a student at this school has made me strive to do better.
I would choose this school became it's a life learning experience.
The school administration at Hillcrest are very strict on the students. My principal is involved in the school 100%. Anything that the staff or students want to bring to the table, he is always right there with pen and paper. Bullying at my school hasn't been a big deal because the majority of the students get along very well. Attendance should be improved because alot of students miss school for unnecessary reasons, which soon results in failing grades. Overall the Administration & Policies are enforced at my school.
The teachers at my school are very helpful when it comes to completing tasks. My past teachers in the eleventh grade have always welcomed me with open arms whenever I had to stay after class for tutoring. The principal is constantly rewarding the students on all the good that we do in and around the school. The styles of the teachers vary according to the type of teacher because we have Science teachers that do not teach from the books but strictly from the COS (Course of Study), but then we have History teachers that teach directly from the books, so the teaching styles vary greatly. The knowledge in our school is steadily increasing because we are hiring new teachers that have attended college and are qualified to teach.
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Our football team have alot of support on Friday nights, as well as in the Spring training. The team always work hard to obtain victory. School spirit is the top priority when it comes to football games because the stands are always filled with supportive fans, friends, and family. The athletic facilities and fitness programs encourage the students to do their best in all sports not just one sport.
The activities at our school consist of Volleyball, Track, Basketball, Band, Football, Softball, and Baseball. These extracurricular opportunities are available to all students grades ninth through twelfth. The clubs that we have are Student Government Association, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, TGIF, Youth Leadership, and Beta Club. The clubs at my school all have a variety of students within each, that excel and take pride in their organization.
Many dedicated teachers who work long hours.
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