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I started Highpoint Christian Academy during 2014 and graduated in spring of 2016. From my time, I wouldn't choose anywhere else. They accept the students with open arms and are all in all a friendly school. The clubs are fun and make sure you are always active with whatever you do. If you're a person of faith, it is a great place for one of prayer and practicing your belief. They have also helped me whenever I needed any type of assistance and won't hesitate to make sure a student is okay or that they get the help they need. By the time I graduated, it felt as if the class, teachers, and faculty were like a family.
There's really not much to do, however there are some things that can keep you occupied; Some of these activities include: drama, cooking, photography, workshop, and art club. If I wasn't so busy with work, I would love to be part of the photography club.
The only thing I like about this school is that the classrooms are small enough so that way the teachers could have more one on one time with the students. Also the teachers are fun to be around and actually interact with the students; You can be able to talk to them about anything. We barely get any homework and the teachers can't give homework on Wednesdays. The bad thing about this school is that they don't have any sports, but they do have different clubs like photography, cooking, drama, and workshop. Because of the tight space and so little students, we can't have an actual prom. This school is really easy to pass, but I just wouldn't come back to this school.
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