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Academically rigorous yet feels like home. There is diversity in our classroom. Despite being Christian, there are Hindu and Jewish representation. The school is growing and I am proud of the culture there. Every staff member is smiling and responsive to our needs.
The community and education at HLS are amazing. The strict rules and regulations made by the administration are often difficult or impossible to follow.
Students here learn to be life-long learners. They are self-motivated to achieve. While the offerings of extra-curriculars are somewhat limited due to the small school size, students enjoy and participate in a good variety of sports and arts.
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Highlands Latin School is a Classical Christian school that teaches every student to strive for the Good the True and the Beautiful. It teaches students to set high goals, but always shows students how to reach those goals through proper preparation, perseverance, and resolve. Highlands Latin is challenging, but an incredibly rewarding experience.
I am very proud to say that I am an alumnus of Highlands Latin School. As a student there, I enjoyed every part of my experience. The academics were more than sufficient preparation for college; the teachers were nurturing, both intellectually and spiritually; and the students were inclusive. I have encountered almost no other place where it is completely normal for seniors to have lunch conversations with 7th graders and for the administration to care so deeply about the whole families of their students. HLS is truly my alma mater.
As parents, I cannot express how appreciative my wife and I are for the teachers and staff at Highlands Latin School. I mention the teachers and staff specifically for a reason. The curriculum is excellent and the campus is beautiful. But the teachers—and not only his teacher—have made such an incredible impact in the life of my son, and the rest of the family, that I could not imagine sending him anywhere else.

As his first grade year concluded, he was asked these three questions: What was your favorite thing about this year? What will you miss most about first grade? What are you most excited for about next year? His answers: His teacher, his teacher, and the opportunity to see his teacher again! The school is wonderful academically, absolutely as good as everyone thinks it is. But academics, as strong as they are, are not the best thing about the school. It's the people. Wonderful, kind, loving people. That's why we are here and it is why we will be here in the future.
Highlands Latin School is one of a kind. A hidden gem in Louisville, Kentucky. The school's classical, Christian approach to teaching takes students back to the old proven ways of learning. We love all the families and teachers. Our son has really thrived at HLS and we can't be happier for what the future holds.
Highlands Latin has great families and great teachers. The school is very academic with a focus on classical education.
Highlands Latin School is a wonderful school that has encouraged me to strive for those things that are good, true and beautiful through a Christian, classical Latin education.
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