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Honestly, this school has outdone itself. I have never felt more uncomfortable and stressed than when I am at this school. The school has an odd segregation thing, where only caucasians eat in the commons, and latinos hang out in the hallway. Everyone here is set on going to an amazing college, and forces themselves to take many ap and honors classes, without a lunch period. Students are not taught to prioritize learning, rather to do whatever it takes to get the A. All in all, the learning environment is less than ideal and the social scene is pretty uninviting and cliquey.
Highland Park High School was a warm, accepting community with passionate teachers dedicated to the advancement of their students' educations. The coursework was rigorous and challenging but teachers' doors were always open for help and students cared about their studies and worked to collaborate. I have no doubt that the education I received there made my transition to college academics that much easier. In spite of the fact that affluent kids from the North Shore of Chicago can occasionally be cliquey, privileged and a little uppity, I had a great high school experience in Highland Park.
While I only attended for one year, Highland Park High School was a great school to graduate from. The teachers were welcoming and invested, the atmosphere was positive and there was a wide array of classes and activities to choose from.
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I’m definitely fortunate to have gone to such a good school. The teachers care and most of the programs are well funded. The academics are pretty insane but if you try you will most likely do fine. The only problem I had was the social environment. Everyones friend group is very separate by race and economic standing. Also most people have gone through school from kindergarten together and are just not interested in talking to anyone they don’t know. Other than that great school.
Average suburban environment, Except for the weird segregation dynamic. I have both seen and been a part of fights in the school, and they are largely contained to Hispanics in one part of the school; the lunch hall. I think that the academics are great for general education kids, but special ed is a different story, as there are varied beliefs regarding how to both move the kids along from special education and how to keep them contained to the program. I think that the special education environment has markedly improved in my time within the program. Overall a good school with an uncomfortable social environment and leaving quite a bit to be desired
Highland Park High School prepared me very well for college and gave me an excellent education. However, there were fights in the school which made me feel unsafe. We did have a lot of security guards in the school but when looking at most of them, it doesn't look like they would be able to help me in times of danger. Highland Park High School is a very fun school and is very school spirited. Also, there is a lot of diversity. We have a lot of very successful clubs and activities but some of them it doesn't really seem like the school cares that much about them. For example, we renovated our gyms and created a new basketball gym. However, there was no indoor track built around it so we are still in the same old gross awful track that has been used at the school forever. All in all, Highland Park High School was a great experience and provided me with an excellent education which is the most important aspect you want in a high school.
My school is very diverse and a great learning environment. They have all the classes you need for college and they really help you find what classes are good for you.
Overall HPHS is pretty good. Teachers on the whole really cared about their students and fostered a good class environment with rigorous and rewarding academics. However, the culture of the school could be extremely unpleasant and cutthroat at times. New kids hardly seemed to be welcomed. The school also could have found better use for all that money that went towards the pool and new gym.
Living and going to Highland Park High school my experience has been very struggling, dealing with racial comments and backlashes from students. Highland park has taught me as a black woman to continue to do my work and continue to put my actions into affect. Overall the teachers and the students took my challenge and my dignity and faith to the next level to increase the greatness in my life
I am a 2018 graduate of highland Park high school. My experience there was pretty average. My course load was typical. Some classes interesting, others borderline boring. I enjoyed environmental science. It took a hands on approach which is always a positive for me. I played lacrosse and soccer. I also spent a season on the wrestling team. I enjoy team sports both as a participant and spectator. I had a nice group of friends in high school. My teachers and coaches taught me how to succeed on and off the field. Overall I think my four years at highland Park high school prepared me for higher education and general life skills.
I really like the challenging academics that Highland Park High School offers and the arts programs.
The academics are amazing. Most teachers are really dedicated. The music department has also been a huge positive influence on my high school career.
Cafeteria food is bad most days only tolerable stuff is the packaged items. Safety is also not great. There are a bunch of security guards but fight still happen and someone I know was even beaten up and his nose broken but the person who did it wasn’t expelled
I graduated from Highland Park High School last year and I had a mostly wonderful experience there. My dad is in the Army so we were only there for my last two years of high school but I had no problem getting involved and getting into the academics there. The teachers were also, for the most part, super qualified and really took the time to help and connect with their students.
My only issue with the school is that there was a bit of a disconnect between the school and the military community that was right next to it. Most of the kids I knew who were outside of this community didn't really understand it and there wasn't really a huge effort to reach out to kids like me who moved there late into their high school career.
I liked the many different activities that are offered here. I also have enjoyed the learning experience within the classrooms,the teacher's are great!
Highland Park has excellent academics and decent sports teams. The school is very nice. Though, the school has a very difficult culture. There is a large population of very wealthy and white students who usually seperate themselves from the large population of Latino students. The seperation of groups makes the environment difficult to navigate and very frustrating.
HPHS is a great high school academics wise. Students are constantly competing to raise their GPA's and standardized test scores. The school average for the ACT is a 26 which is 6 points above the nations average. Although the academics may bring an enormous amount of stress upon the students, it gives us incentive to want to aim higher and achieve more. One thing that should definitely be worked on in the school is diversity. The overwhelming majority of Highland Park High School is white. Increased diversity would create a better population of mixed races and a more understanding and inclusive culture into the school.
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Highland Park High School does a great job of academically preparing students for college. There are plenty of clubs, from art club , robotics, Human Rights Club(those are just some of the most interesting - there are many more) to wrestling and lacrosse. There is a place for everyone at this school, the school counselors make sure that students feel at ease. School environment is welcoming and safe; most students display good character. Bullying is not an issue at this school.
Highland Park High School features some of the most incredible teachers in the United States. The academics are top notch and the college preparation say one thing about the school, but part of that is because the school is in an affluent neighborhood. I think what sets Highland Park High School apart from most other schools in the nation is the amount of opportunities and real-world preparation offered at the school. The range of courses and clubs really allow students to pursue what they are passionate about, but these courses and clubs also allow students to find themselves and help them learn what they're passionate about, so that these students can gain an idea of how they want to approach life, containing the skills necessary to cope with the to challenges and obstacles in life.
Excellent academics, school spirit was meh and school culture had lots of issues like clicks and bullying.
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