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Highland Mill Montessori School Reviews

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I attended Highland MIll Montessori from 2006-12. I really enjoyed my time there. Everybody was cool and knew each other well and I got a lot of one on one time with my teachers. Of course being in elementary school your going to run across other students who you don't really get along with, but other than that everything was fine. Now, everyone has a different experience and from what I have heard the school has changed drastically. Don't base your decision off of my words though because, like I said, things have changed. They got a new principle, a lot of new teachers, it may not be the same experience for you (or your child) as it was for me. I would suggest that you just do your research, attend as many open houses or family orientations as you can and ASK QUESTIONS.
I remember there being chess club, piano, karate and a variety of other clubs provided at the school. It allows the students to find their niche in the school community.
The school is located in a generally safe area. The teachers ensure the safety of the students.
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I loved my elementary school years! I remember school events such as the concerts and the Fall festival. I would love to go back if I could!
The teachers cater the lessons to the students' needs. If one needs additional help it will be provided.
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