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the resason i feel is way is homework on the first day and homework on fridays
I think arrowhead is better even tho it is a p-6 school
Highland Lakes runs like a well oiled machine. They are a very large school catering to K-8, but that means they have a lot to offer. I am a substitute teacher for the district and it took me teach one day at this school for me to put in an application to get my own children moved there for the following school years. The staff are absolutely amazing! You can see how well they all work together and have created a top notch school.
The teachers are probably the best part about Highland Lakes, they are very encouraging and friendly. They take time to get to know every student personally and strive to mold the education to meet their needs.
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My teachers are always considerate of what other events are going on at the school when they give out homework. Most of them have canceled tests because they know there's a big school dance that weekend, or because there's a big field trip where students wouldn't have the same amount of time as others to do homework or study. As a result of this, the workload is fairly manageable, and if we find we are having trouble completing an assignment in time, the teachers are usually lenient in giving students until the end of the school day to finish it. They also engage with students using online tools, such as Google Classroom, which has been a recent addition to the curriculum. Teachers can post study questions and notes just in case a student was absent that day. Resources are widely available and teachers are generally flexible with their students.
Generally, if you want to become involved in a club, it's easy to join and meet new people. However, I don't think there's enough advertising for the clubs that we have available. Our sports teams always have a lot of support from the student body (especially the football team), and all the athletes always act proud to be a part of a team. Some of our sports teams have even been recognized by the state and the nation, and have earned several awards. Most of the teachers like to go to sports games to support their students, and I admire that. Although there could be a couple things to help boost the participation in extracurricular activities, they are well-organized and maintained.
Overall, I have had the best time of my life in this school, and I wouldn't want to choose any other school over it. My favorite experiences have been prom, Friday night football games, and the pep assemblies because they're always so full of life. I've met some of my lifelong friends at this school because almost everyone is friendly and talkative. Everybody is treated equally and with respect. My favorite part about this school is that its easy to find help whenever you need it, and the counselors are easy to talk to. My parents moved our family just so I could attend Highland High School and I'm forever grateful that they did.
Most of the teachers at my high school have been very friendly and approachable. They try their best to make the lessons fun and enjoyable, even when they're about dry topics. Also, most of my teachers have done their best to understand their students' way of learning. None of them have done lectures, shown educational movies, or have done hands-on lessons for too many days in a row. They like to engage all students without boring them with the same routine every day. My teachers have also made it very clear that students can come to them at any time with questions, and I've always felt confident in asking for help. Overall, I feel that the teachers at my high school genuinely care for all their students and do anything to help us succeed.
We've never had a problem or worry with safety at this school.
The teachers are caring and really push the students to achieve.
Plenty of activities to choose from and all well funded!
Highland Lakes school is an excellent school. Most of the teachers are excellent and the administration is caring and responsive.
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