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I loved how the teachers are very uplifting and involved. The teachers were constantly challenging students and encouraging them to challenge themselves and this was a great thing.
Highland High-school has a good Administrative and Teacher staff. I feel like I can always go to my teachers for anything. The diversity at the school is pretty poor, but that is to be expected when you live out in the country. The one thing I wish was better about the school or would like to see change is classes that really prepare you for being an adult. There isn't a class that teaches students how to budget their money or how to save. I think a class or classes like these will better prepare us students for when we are living on our own.
I've gone to highland since kindergarten I have never had a bed experience here. The teachers here are so understanding and being a kid who has played sports my entire life the coaches here are some of the best.
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Highland High School is a small school where I got lots of support from the whole community and staff.
Highland High School is a great place for everyone. They are really great at making kids college ready by offering many different online courses at nearby colleges as well as having a great college credit plus program.
Great small town school with great academics and athletics. Majority of all students take advanced and AP courses while also participating in a multitude of extracurricular activities. I personally found that a majority of the staff truly care about the success of the student and are willing to put in extra time to help them out. There are a couple teachers that I have encountered that careless and self-centered, they really only care about themselves and don't care about the success and welfare of the student.
The school has a bit of a bullying problem which I believe there is little effort to stop. The school should introduce new ways to get students to work with each other to stop bullying. The school doesn't have much diversity and students there can be pretty racist especially if you are a new student of color. The school is safe for the most part but there have been bomb threats and someone did threaten to shoot up the school this year. A lot of the teachers also don't seem to care much about their work. Other than that the school is pretty average so I give it a three out of five.
I loved the school spirit and the activities offered for the students. The teachers actually give a damn about your education and go the extra mile to help you.
After the Sandy Hook incident is when Highland really buckled down and took serious security measures. All the doors stay locked during school hours except for the office door which the visitor has to come into the office to be able to go into the rest of the school, they can only do that if they have an appointment. We have a police officer that floats between all three schools. Overall it is a very safe place to be.
There are many extracurricular activities for everyone to participate in. All you have to do is get involoved
I started at the Highland local school district right from the beginning. The faculty and staff were very supportive in anything you needed, school or personal,and they always made sure to make you feel included and important. Some kids would complain about hating it there and talk about how the school was mostly about sports, which is sort of true. Highland is a pretty small school within a small town and like any school like this, this is what happens especially football. But in my opinion I think that it was a very amazing experience attending this school, they made sure that everyone had something that was in their interest, it was just a matter of signing up for those activities.
The senior-2-sophomore program is great. How can you beat a full free year of college? There are advanced classes for those who want them and if the AP tests are passed then they count for college credit too. Scheduling can be a pain and are often wrong the first week, but there are a nice selection of classes and the workload is easy to pick since there are normal and advanced classes for most subjects. Sometimes independent study is an option so classes can be finished earlier on your own to have more free time.
I have no clue if there's a school nurse. She might be there one or two days a week. However, there's not really a bullying problem. There are anti-bullying assemblies and a police deputy is at the school especially during lunch as lunch time is the only time any fights have broken out in my four years there were about four fights, but they were normally just yelling with one time involving fists.
A ton of students are involved in sports. Actually it might even count as the majority. There's football, volleyball, bowling, a soccer club, baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, cross country, and possibly one or two more I'm forgetting.
One problem with the school is that the guidance counselors never seem to be available. They have offices yet don't seem to be in them very often. Schedules seem to be messed up every year at the beginning, but the counselors do care.
The school is small with the graduating class less than 200, but that made graduation more bearable. There are great sorts of clubs. Lots of FFA classes with a large room including a door big enough for a truck to drop of stuff, a business organization that takes trips, honor classes with a National Honor Society, annual plays with theater class, and other ones including the new robotics classes. The school got off to a rocky start, but it's improving and I like it. There's a bunch of options without a huge population to get passed over in.
College doesn't feel any different from how high school was. High school had advanced classes and tutoring available. There were also a few college preparation courses available. There was PSEO where kids went part time to college and part time at high school, Senior-2-Sophmore where seniors could go full time to either Ohio State Marion or Marion Technical College with busing to both, and there were a few classes where college professors come to the high school and teach college level classes. A similar option was to go to Tri Rivers which is a career center so high school students could study a specific career path such as the popular veterinarian or cosmetology.
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Highland is a small school located in the country. They are working with Tri Rivers, Ohio State Marion, and Marion Technical College to give students an edge for careers including PSEO options and Senior-2-Sophmore for a free year of college. The busing reaches pretty far out and even has a bus that takes kids to Tri Rivers and Ohio State Marion/Marion Technical College for the kids in those programs. There are projectors in almost every room in the high school and computer labs with a laptop cart. There's after school tutoring along with some teacher aides that sit in the classes to help out students who need more individual focus. The food has also greatly improved over the years and has a nice selection.
I think my school takes every precaution to being safe. We are not allowed to wear book bags around school in case someone has an unidentifiable weapon. Bullying is not really a big worry at our school. Students are usually all very nice to each other.
Students are very involved with sports. Everyone is so supportive for any team, whether it be at a cross-country meet or a friday night football game. Everyone is a support line. Each parent of an athlete cares about even the sports their child is not playing. Our athletic facilities are always open to students and are so nice!
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