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It’s a small community with a lot of peers who push you to be your best. The school does a very good job with preparing its students for college and making sure they have everything they need.
I definitely feel that HT-LA is a school that has prepared me for going off to college. The faculty helps guide us through the process of applying so there isn't a ton of stress. The only downside is that the school tries to focus on the students being a community when in actuality there are distinctive social groups who will be either friendly or hostile to one another.
Great school for kids who enjoy and want to be a part of STEM. Since the school is very small, all the students have great connections with the faculty. Every student at High Tech Los Angeles has a teacher that they can trust
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One major factor of High Tech LA is the technology that they use in every classroom. It makes all classwork convenient, and rids the struggle of organizing many pieces of paper. However there is one thing that I would like to see changed, and that is in academic terms which is the need for AP classes being offered to the students that attend High Tech LA
I attended High Tech Los Angeles for 3 years and a half, I'm currently on my last semester as a senior there. This school is absolutely perfect for those who like very small communities. There's approximately 400 kids at the school and around 80 in my grade. I know every single person in my grade and a handful of people in lower grades. The school really cares about every single individual, every single teacher, including the principal, and staff, always make sure you are doing fine in your classes and give you the help you need. Very great school, only thing is that there are no sports offered at this school, nor too many activities since there are not too many kids attending. But, it is such a fantastic college prep school, I feel fully confident and ready to take on my next journey.
High Tech Los Angeles considers itself a College Prep school, and I have to agree. The academics are just like other schools, but stricter and tougher. Despite the difficulty, we learn a lot for school and the future. When we are struggling, students tend to help each other, and so do the teachers. The teachers here are easy to talk to and every student likes them. Our teachers can be strict and they expect highly of us, but they also know how to keep the classes fun and exciting without sacrificing academics. Our students are also easy to talk to. We have many lovable students that are able to quickly make friends with everything they talk to. All of this makes High Tech Los Angeles a good environment and school to learn in.
High Tech Los Angeles has prepared me for college through presentations and keeping our grades on track. This school is smaller than regular schools which means that all students have the chance to have a good relationship with their teachers and can personally talk to them in person or email them constantly. All teachers are professionally taught and know how to make class not feel like its CLASS. Students also typically have close relationships and know each other which makes it easier to work together and collaborate. HTLA provides a good setting for learning and makes sure all students have an equal opportunity at getting a good education.
High Tech Los Angeles is a small charter school with a focus on college preparedness, project based learning, and STEM education. It's a fantastic school with very passionate teachers and faculty. The teachers who work there are there because they truly love to teach, and it shows. The school is small, so students can have personal relationships with all their teachers. It's essentially a private school education with no tuition. Their FIRST robotics team is very welcoming and has provided me with an opportunity to learn so much and meet many interesting people.
High Tech LA is a college prep school helping you prepare for your journey ahead. Thanks to lovely staff you are able to feel welcomed with open arms creating not only a safe space, but a community for all. This is further accomplished with amazing teachers who not only help you understand the material, but also help tutor you so you can fully understand the material learned in class allowing you to excel in class. High Tech LA also helps you prepare for the SAT and ACT through PSAT that every freshman takes, from there teachers provide helpful guides to further improve your score for the actual SAT. High Tech LA is a wonderful school that helps you prepare for your future which is what I love most about this school and do not regret attending this High School.
High tech LA is a smaller school, this makes it so that the teachers and students will have a closer relationship. Students in High tech are taught that we should not be afraid to speak our minds an to ask questions when we need help.
I love HTLA because it is small. The teachers really get to know each student and do everything possible to make sure you succeed.
The small community makes for a strong learning and social experience. Every teacher at this school cares deeply about the well-being of the students both personally and academically. Students here frequently go to the top schools in the nation and do well beyond their years here.
I think that although this school does academically very well there are lots of problems with the social aspect. The school seems to only care about learning and not the happiness if their students and it is hard to have these type of changes. Although this school is very nicely constructed it makes it so the students in the school think that they are high class and above the other students from other schools. It seems to put us in a position were we are treated as classroom workers instead of students who need to learn from their mistakes
i love all of the project we do in class! The school is very small there is only about 400 kids in the school at a time because the school is so small you know at least one teacher who know you very well. all teacher are will to help you at any time.
This school is very small, though the quality of learning is big. I feel prepared to go to college after attending this school. It sets me up with all i need to get accepted and go to college.
I could never have imagined I would have been as lucky as to be admitted to a school as special as High Tech LA, the small charter STEM school, I have been so fortunate to attend. At HTLA, not only have I learned much academically from the teachers, but I have been stunned to learn that teachers are people who admit they, too are human.
Overall, its a pretty good school. Campus is very small so it everyone knows each other. Teachers are friendly and go out of their way to teach. There are very few sports though.
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This school has a very good use of technology and is extremely focused on making the students prepare for college. It also prepares students for future life and events that they may struggle through. The school is also very small for a high school and offers all classes of all grades to have a chance to know each other. A student will definitely be able to identify all of the classmates in their grade because the amount of students is not high. This can beneficial to students because they have an easier time getting to know fellow classmates, but it is also beneficial towards the teachers. The teachers do not have to go through the struggle of having more than 30 students in their classrooms. This allow the teachers to give a lesson that the majority of the students can pay attention to and they will not have to go through a vast amount of assignments to grade. Overall this school is a great fit someone who is ready to face challenges that will prepare them for the future.
I really enjoy being a student of High Tech Los Angeles High School because of the school's core values. High Tech Los Angeles values technology, community, communication, and collaboration. All of these characteristics collaborate with each other to encourage students to be able to learn in a respectful and modern atmosphere.
High Tech LA is a great school for those who really want to get into a good college or a college of their dreams. I personal love the school because its great community and the courses that I had taken. The school pushes their students to their limits taking courses that are higher than some college courses. It really helped me and others reach to their dreams and make them become a reality.
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