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I went to High Tech High School and while it can be a very chill environment and "care-free" there is also a different side. One that prepares you for college and even life in general.
Severely lacks resources and guidance. It’s a North Bergen extension for employees & politician’s children to attend. Those are students who get attention and guidance. The others who work diligently long hours on homework and studying are pushed to the side & ignored. Grades are subjective. A bias community of social cliques starting from the administration. 99% Favoritism. Teachers pick on students. Computer lab is gone. Computer courses are non existent. Super LONG lunch lines serving leftovers. New students don’t care and cause problems. OVERRATED school. Great new building with disappointing consequences. Nothing appears as it seems.
The teachers at the school are amazing and one of a kind. Most are ready to help and be your friend. Administration and higher-ups have ruined the culture of the school however, and year by year, the quality of the students and the freedom and creative expression deteriorate-- but if you enjoy having a fancy building with shiny floors, its alright.
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Not great. There are no sports and the school is not the most diverse. If you are into living an only academic lifestyle, come here but if you want to be social and have lots of friends I would go elsewhere. I am in the culinary program and I feel that I am sectioned off to only that division. I do not love the major because it gets tedious and is 80 MINUTES A DAY. I overall do not like the school very much and do not feel completely ready and prepared for college.
High Tech is an exceptional high school. This school is great for college prep and helping students get a hand on experience on what they would like to pursue in college. High Tech has different majors to choose from, all offering great opportunities involving colleges. High Tech has no sports, considering it is a county school and students that wish to play high school sports would have to play sports for their home school. Teachers at this school really guarantee that their students excel in class. This is a great school.
High Tech is a very open school with a lot of opportunities whether it be finding jobs, getting the hands-on experience, or connections. The new school provides all the tools and resources you need to excel in your specific major. Scheduling is free and flexible to make sure you take all the classes necessary, but as well as the ones you're interested in. The thing that High Tech can work on is the way administration runs. Due to it's openness and flexibility in structure, things always get rescheduled, or not everyone knows what's going on. A school assembly can be planned for one day, yet rescheduled multiple times because not everyone that was going to be involved was even aware.
No more school computer lab where students worked and printed assignments?? No access to computer/printers. Wood tech equipment hasn’t been moved. New big building plenty of updates. The culture has changed in a bad way. They're trying to get more students to fill the building but these students aren't the best quality causing trouble. The food is still good but long lines that take ALL period long. Bring snacks or you will starve waiting. Guidance was divided by wings DFab got the BAD batch Brennan isnt good no student support, no guidance, lacks communication. NO FAIR. We want Nardiello back. They frown on parent involvement. Isn’t the school it used to be. Only the results of HS graduates with college offers & scholarships can truly determine if this school/guidance provides students the resources to get accepted into the best colleges and obtain the highest scholarships. Severely Lacks student guidance and communication.
I loved my time in High Tech. The culture they created in that school while I attended was truly unlike any other. It was accepting, it was open minded, it was caring. Everyone knew everyone and cared about each others well beings. We were treated like adults; teachers respected students just as students respected teachers. The food couldn't be compared any other schools, it was amazing. We had the utmost freedom which allowed us to be expressive and to be involved in our school community. My senior year, the year the school decided to move to their new building in Secaucus, New Jersey, was when things started to change. The culture has changed and not in a good way. Because the school building is bigger, they're trying to get more students to fill it; however these students aren't of the best quality which leaves room for trouble and conflict. The isolation of the classrooms, majors, students, and teachers also poses an issue.
My experience at High Tech High School has been filled with nothing but positivity and opportunities to further and expand my knowledge. Although the school does not offer sports, there is no lack of school spirit whatsoever. The students are all very diverse due to the fact that the students come from all over Hudson County. The teachers and administrators are there to guide you and truly want the best for you.
High Tech is what you make of it. If you want to challenge yourself, take the AP classes. If you just want to have a more relaxed environment, just take the pre-req classes/
Higher Acceptance Rate to allow more students to utilize the schools resources. I would also like to see more sport involvement such as a High Tech volleyball team or even a simple basketball team would be nice. I also have to complain about how the school security is not at its finest.
It's changed. Used to be a good place for you to express yourself, now it's just trying to be like other schools. It still has a good reputation and you get a good education. The enviornment has just changed.
Great school, new building could be better. The new building is kind of depressing and doesn't compare both on the outside and inside to the old one.
High Tech High School would always be very close to my heart. This school gave me the opportunity to build, not only, connections but also my resume. This is an environmental friendly school, with many amazing options such as Farm to Table, recycling, and having solar panels!
Overall a great school. High Tech prepares students for college and exposes them to challenging academics.
Interesting and innovative approach to education but severely lacks resources necessary to prepare kids for success in the real world.
The new and improved High Tech has been established to ensure the safety of its students, while stripping them of resources and community. Students no longer have easy access to technology and printers and lack the sense of integration due to the division of majors into separate wings of the building.
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High Tech High School is a public school of choice that enables students to major in courses ranging from biomedical science to the performing arts. Its wide variety of clubs and intramural activities provide students with countless ways to explore their diverse interests.
I loved High Tech. It was hard getting in, but the friends and connections I've made will last me a lifetime. I loved the teachers and they always helped me. The environment was fun and I always look back fondly on my time there. Some days, I wish I can go back.
great diversity; teachers care; good community; new building is top notch; people very welcoming; liberal for a high school
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