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The teachers here are amazing and will provide you with more than the necessary resources to become successful. Although diversity is lacking, it is a great community and wonderful place to learn!
The High School of Heath Sciences has been outstanding in the way they have set my daughter up for going into nursing school. She has had many opportunities to learn at places like Medical College of Wisconsin, Marian University, UWM, and the local hospitals. Yes, the program is difficult. Yes, there are some amazing teachers. And yes, there are a couple of teachers that aren't amazing. Overall if your child has a desire to get into the medical field this is a great school to prepare you for college.
The High School of Health Sciences is an excellent school for students who are interested in the medical field. Many opportunities for workplace experiences are given to students to help them uncover their passions. The staff is very supportive and cares about each and every one of their students.
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The learning environment is amazing and the staff and students not only hardworking but have a great attitude as well.
I truly believe the teachers at HS^2 are the reason I am where I am in my life today. The staff is phenomenal. Although the roughly 150 student body can become dysfunctional, I can't imagine ever graduating from a different school.
I love the High School of Health Sciences! Although things can be very challenging at times I have never regretted my decision to enroll.
I love HS^2!!! I am I senior and it has been such a great experience so far. The teachers are great and are very supportive, as well as the community. I have always felt like I had someone I could rely on if I needed help. I think that is the benefit of a smaller school. The experiences I have received here have lead me to the person I am today and being able to be in a hospital and do the things I have done before College will help me so much when I get to College next year!
I was a student here for four years. Even though the program does help prepare you for college to a small extent, the amount of anger and resentment I have had for the staff and structure for this school has kept me up at night for over a year.
HS2 does not help teach kids to be better - they punish those who don't meet their standards. And after four years of being with THE SAME TEACHERS DAY IN AND DAY OUT - your academic success becomes dependent of the teacher's personal opinions of you. If you have a child who has learning disabilities, or has personal problems - the teachers will not tolerate it. This school breeds a mindset of intense competitiveness, arrogance, and entitlement into all of it's students. No matter what kind of student you are or were, the coursework and intensity of this school will degrade your wellbeing, isolate you from the rest of the school, and does very little to prepare you for the real world.
I had a lot of opportunities that I would not have gotten in a normal high school. Also, the teachers showed dedication to the school.
There are incredible opportunities- I know several kids who've had access to CNA and EMT training through the school, and personally I've been able to work with medical students and visit a cadaver lab. The staff are phenomenal, especially Ms. Mulqueen. This school and these teachers have changed my life.
I have had one child graduate from KM High School of Health Sciences and another currently attending. The teachers are top notch and the rigor of their education is intense. They are challenged every single day. As for the daughter who graduated and is now in college at UW Madison, I can’t say enough about how well this school has prepared her for college. She actually said HS2 was more difficult than her first semester at Madison. They head to college being able to public speak, write a paper in a matter of hours and as true advocates of their learning and career paths. All these things are developed quickly at the high school level. Again, the teachers go above and beyond every single
day and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity HS2 has given my young ladies.
High School of Health Sciences prepares you for college. For a majority of the courses, there is a flipped classroom concept and it works really well for the majority of the students! If there is a problem, the teachers are incredibly easy to talk to and they do their best to fix the problem immediately. This is also the best school to go to if you are interested in the Health Science field because there are a lot of outreach and learning opportunities!
I love this school. It has provided me so many wonderful outreach opportunities (I have a research internship at the Medical College of Wisconsin). I could not be happier with my decision to join this charter. The teachers are wonderful, and the coursework prepares you for college more than most other schools. I would highly recommend if you are interested in health care, science, and cool research/outreach opportunities.
This school offers a very personalized education to its students with very caring teachers. There are many class options that prepare students well for a career in the medical field. However, because the school is focused mainly on teaching about science, the history classes are poorly managed.0
Great teacher to student communication and a great community and family feel throughout all the grades.
Provides students with rigorous, yet flexible options to encourage students to pursue careers within the medical field giving them options to choose an area of interest.
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