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High School for Dual Language & Asian Studies Reviews

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It's overall a great school. I feel extremly luckly to be in this place!
People overthere are mostly nice and helpful. Most of the teachers are nice, and willing to communicate with you regarding to any question and concern. Even though the majority of the population is Asian, but most grown up in America; therefore, it's actucally easy to find a sense of belonging in this school.
On the other hand, I do have to say sometimes works might be a bit overwhelming if you don't manage your time correctly.
However, it provides a great preparation academic wise as well as for college.
Overall the experience is pretty good. The courses can be pretty challenging. Most people here are really competitive and the workload is heavy. But the students are supportive of each other. Beware of saturday gym and morning gym. Morning gym starts at 7:14 in the morning. Also, there is a severe lack of funding in this school so don't expect trips or extra resources.
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies may be a small high school compared to other school, but its also the best part about it because everyone there are really close, like a closely knitted family. There's wide variety of clubs and sports teams to choose from, and the school also provides all kinds of after school programs. However though, this school does have some pretty high academic pressure, so student may feel stressed out with the huge amount of workload that teachers give out.
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It is a pretty good school for high school students learning in a safety area. They have a lot of activities for students to attend and also people are friendly. BUT! They are very focus on student's academics and a lot of homework.
My favorite thing about dlas is the people that are there. The staff and teachers are very friendly and are always willing to help students. Dlas, however, is very limited in the classes they offer. They have a few AP classes, which are pretty hard to get into. They do offer a lot of outside college classes, college now.
A majority of teachers do care, and it is easy to talk to your teachers. Since the school is relatively small in population, you are able to form bonds with your teachers if you please. The staff does want you to fully understand the content and will help if necessary. Although the workload is rigorous, you will get used to it.
The school is on the 5th floor and is above some other lower ranking schools. It lacks in sports selections but makes up for it in academics.
I’m a sophomore at Dual, and I have mixed feelings about this school. The three stars is mainly given to the generally supportive and awesome teachers here at dual. The quality of teachers are 👍. However, the student body is not as motivated as I’m used to. The bars are high, but many students lack behind it. Another thing, is the lack of extracurricular opportunities. This school is really lacking in funding. But counselors and teachers are extremely helpful.
I liked High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies for its rigorous curriculum and its helpful environment. If you struggled, you could ask the teacher for help. Especially, Chinese which I have to take for four years at the nd books.
The students are all really nice and willingly to help each other. Some teachers are helpful, but some give up so easily on students that don’t get it the first tim. The staff is very strict, and dress code is very strict as well. I think the school is too small because every year more students come and the one floor is not enough. In addition, the staff should work with the students instead of ignoring their ideas. For example, students are not allowed outside for lunch, but the other schools can. Remember if you come to this school, chinese is a priority. About 90% of the school speaks Chinese. So if you don’t know how to, the first feels a little isolating. In addition, everyone has their own cliques.
I am currently a senior at this school, I personally feel like this school has help me grown academically. This school push you to do better and so the workload can be a lot depending on the classes , but at the same time, most of the teachers are really passionate in what they do and they are willing to help if you have any problem. The courses are challenging and the workload is a lot , but they ultimately increase your college readiness. Since this school is pretty small, everyone knows one-another and you would be able to meet your friend multiple time throughout the day. This school requires everyone to take Chinese language course, which can be challenging if Chinese is not your first language.
It's a good choice for students to pick. Learn a lot from teachers and classmates. However, the food is tasteless.
I liked that most of the classes were very challenging and it made me think of the world in a different perspective.
I revered High School For Dual Language & Asian Studies for its tight knit community and rigorous academic curriculum. As a senior in this school, I feel a sense of calamity for being in a friendly environment of a small school. I was truly noticed by every teacher. The teachers are fun loving and always open to helping you. They are all from well rounded institutions. Personally I looked for a liberal arts curriculum school, and HSDLAS has a rigid liberal foundation for students still exploring their interests. The food is high quality! HSDLAS contains essential clubs and activities such as philosophy, photography, and the list is endless! It would be important to change the diversity of HSDLAS, as the majority there are of Asian descent. I would also incorporate more clubs and activities of social justice and activism as it is a very traditional high school.
I was able to study mandarin for 4yrs learn the difference in our culture and I would not change a thing about there learning facilities We’re listed #2 in citywide and #14 in state
This is a truly horrible school, they don't care about you growing as an individual. As long as their stats are high they couldn't care less about how you're doing as a person. They also favor the asians over any other race in the school.
High School For Dual Language and Asian Studies is overall a great school. Especially when it comes to academics and college readiness. Not to mention, meeting great people there. The school overall is naturally disciplined so not a lot of horseplay goes around, or at all. But there is also a healthy competition to be the best student. Every single student at Dual Language works really hard at what they want to do and other things though they may not favor it. But overall, despite the school may have flaws (like all schools do) High School for dual language is a great place to push your limits to the highest.
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It's a very welcoming environment, however there are some challenges when it comes to sharing a building with four different schools, limited space and some annoying students. Moderate pressure, moderate workload. You will not be tolerated for late or missing work. It's a place with the ability to allow you to succeed, you just have to try your best.
Although lacking diversity, Dual Language is a school built on moral conduct and respect.

The goal of the school is to unify English proficient students to better understand Chinese culture and Chinese proficient students to improve their English. What makes Dual language different from other schools is that the Ap Chinese class is mandatory for everyone, regardless of one's level in Chinese.

Although limited in Ap classes and course variety compared to bigger schools, but because some of the teachers are well versed in their subjects, students are able to obtain a lot of out of their AP classes. Although teachers are strict with following the school policy, they would try to be understanding of students. Since teachers are approachable, students can engage in a friendly conversation with teachers outside of class to inquire or express their concerns.
Overall, it's a safe school environment. Everyone is very friendly and there is a lot of activities going on monthly to make our school life more fun. The teachers are very nice and very helpful and chill. However, the hallways aren't wide enough for students to pass through when we have to switch classes. Also the schedules we get are usually messed up, but our guidance counselors try their very best to make a compromise.
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