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High Island High School is welcoming and the students become your second family. The teachers, administration and staff are awesome and are always there to help you with classes, sports, scholarship opportunities and anything you might need. I would like to see more fine arts classes offered at the school.
At High Island High School there is an abundance of one-on-one learning opportunities with teachers. The workers are involved in student wellness, personal and education wise. Many of the communities parents and other individuals are involved with school activities. Many students participate in sporting events, those of which include Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Track and Feild. In the 2016-2017 school year, the Volleyball, Basketball , Softball and Baseball teams, advanced to the playoffs. In track, members advanced to state. High Island also participates in Academic UIL. In the 2016-2017 school year they took a group of 32 students, including myself, to the district meet. 26 of the mentioned students, went on to participate in Regionals. Personally, I was a state qualifier in poetry interpretation. Although High Island is not the biggest school, I can assure you the quality of education and quality of student acceptance is outstanding.
Great school!It's small, but very inclusive when it comes to sports. Healthy learning environment as well.
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The extracurricular opportunities span the full spectrum of interests. In south Texas, one might believe that Football is the 'end all, be all'; however, there are a full schedule of athletic, artistic and academic opportunities to participate in outside of the regular academic school schedule. I am thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to attend such a well rounded high school.
Having been part of three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools; I can say that Brennan has been the highlight of our experiences with NISD. The athletics are competitive and well coached, the tertiary athletics are top notch; allowing for students of all backgrounds and talents to become involved in the events. The academics are second to none and while athletics are very important; it is obvious that academics are what this school's true focus is.
The teachers and administration at Brennan High are top notch! It is indicative and on target with what Northside ISD expects. We moved to this area specifically for Brennan High School. We have two sons that graduated from Steven's High, also in Northside ISD; but felt that the school took a turn for the worse due to redistricting. Brennan has been everything we'd hoped for and more!
The extracurricular activities are okay.
The parents at Wagner High School are as good as they can be.
The teachers at Wagner High School are very acceptable and willing to teach even in bad environment.
The school has been remodeled several times in the last few years, it looks nice. If students need help, almost 99% of the time there is someone around who is able to help.
Some teachers are really good, some are not. It really just depends on what day it is. The new ones can be pushovers, they just need to be more strict, and the older ones are pretty average.
Everyone here is friends, there isn't any peer pressure, and we don't push people away. We aren't very ethnically diverse, there are a handful of Hispanics, and even fewer African Americans. Almost everyone is Republican in a sense, or Conservative.
We have one club, but there are a lot of smaller clubs in it, and everybody is in it. However, if we wanted to start a club, it would more than likely happen.
Though it has it's defects, I love this school. We are all like one great big family, we all look out for each other, and take care of each other. The teachers love the students, and are always there to help if needed. There aren't many clubs, but with the amount of people in athletics and sports, nobody could be in everything.
Nobody likes the food at school, except the gumbo, everything else is gross.
Sleeves have to be three fingers at least in width, except razor-backs, those aren't aloud at all. Shorts have to be right above the knee, they cannot be mid-thigh, which is not even short. Most other policies are very understandable.
We have cameras all over the school. We have lock down practice often. We have not had any threats that I know of, but if we did the administration would be on top of it.
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Maybe if we had more money the facilities would be better. The fans are always pumped up, and the teams love that. Almost every student in high school participates in at least one sport. Homecoming week is intense, there is a lot of spirit, except the elementary...
Academics at High Island are about average. AP classes are not offered, however there are dual credit classes with Lamar University for English, History, Economics, and Government. There are the average classes every student takes, and the electives include: Art 1, 2, 3 and 4, Agricultural Sciences, and Mechanics, and Athletics. The workload really just depends on the teacher, some days it is very intense, some days it is not.
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