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Have had grandchildren at this school for 20 years. The first one is in college now, the current one is in 4th grade now. My experience with the overall caring of the school and teachers in all aspects, is that it discinagrating fast over the past few years.
Teachers with poor attitudes. Have had some GREAT teachers over te years, but last 2 years bad experence
School administrative staff responds, but does not always follow through quickly. School is suspose to have a dress code, but does not follow it........thank god as this is an extra expense. Nurse and office staff great.
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Great newer building, but see no help for children who have trouble with reading. Last year a teacher even expressed they were not putting any emphases on spelling. My child never had spelling words last year.
Several extra activities offered, but with parents working they can not let children participate. Because they do not get off work to pick up child when activity is over, and/or they can not pay for aftercare.
If a student is absent, they do not contact parent till 5-7pm. Your child could be kidnapped bus stop and not know till hours latter.
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