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Great academics, teachers, and principal. Guidance counselors involvement in preparing seniors for college could use some strengthening.
At Hickory High, I enjoy the opportunities to better my academics with the AP classes and dedicated teachers available. I am able to take numerous AP and honors courses with teachers that are always available to provide me with additional help or advice. My teachers have always gone above and beyond to ensure my peers and I feel confident and prepared for tests and assessments while also connecting with us personally. However, something I would like to see change at Hickory High is an increase in the funding and attention of extra curricular activities. The theater and arts departments do not receive nearly the amount of attention and funds that sports do, and some less popular sports suffer as well. While academics are important, extra curricular activities should also be a focus to provide students with a balance of education and social development.
I really like the administration. The teachers are extremely helpful. The school has a lot of resources for the students. I was a part of the SCA and we did a lot of activities and initiatives for the student body as a whole. The school is clean and the food is fair. It is a blue ribbon school for excellence. The counseling department keep us up to date on all things for seniors, transcripts and scholarships. They are extremely helpful.
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The teachers are always ready to help the students and there is many clubs and sports to be apart of.
Hickory High School is one of the top schools in Chesapeake. It features a wide variety of great programs, clubs, academics, sports and extracurricular activities for students to enjoy as they pursue their educational careers. Some highlights of Hickory are the Marching Band, Theatrical Department, Language Studies, Sciences, and Math programs.
Hickory is a great school. The principal, faculty and staff are great at what they do and really put my mind at ease knowing my son is in great hands. I am so thankful for the school and I am feel very blessed. Also the other families that are a part of the school have been so helpful and made the transition for being a new high school mom & dad a lot more comforting. Thank you to my Hickory Family.
Hickory is overall a decent school. The principal is very nice and understanding. I would like to see the school make some improvements by updating their resources, such as textbooks or computers.
Teachers didn't seem to care much for my child, the principle was a nightmare to deal with; all around sub par school. Their policy is "Guilty until proven innocent" which you will unlikely be proven of. The school has a high passing rate but they're known as the school of cheaters for a reason. Other than that, they have a huge drug problem and id consider it an unsafe environment for anyone's children.
It's so great going to Hickory. The school is very spirited and the principal is always wondering what she can do to make it better!
It’s a nicely decorated school, but not always clean. Cockroaches and nice are seen in the bathrooms and hallways. Lots of teasing about financial situation.
I go to Hickory High school for my basic classes and then I go to Governor's School for the Arts for Theater and Film. I have had minimal issues with teachers and staff and I like the overall environment. However, there is a huge lack of diversity. I am an Asian American student and I struggle to find others like myself in my classes. There are very few minorities who attend Hickory High School and while that doesn't truly affect education I would like to see more children of other races.
It’s the best school in Chesapeake!! The atmosphere is a positive one great for learning and the teachers go out of their way to help their students. The large amount of activities, sports, and clubs guarantees a place for everyone.
Hickory High puts high emphasis on education and test scores. The school breeds intelligent and hard-working students. I would like to see the faculty be more friendly and reward individual student achievement more.
I am a graduated student from here. I tried to have a good time. The school is not diverse at all. Music and art are not made a big deal. College readiness is not focused on. They do have good teachers and administration. Education is a main focus and we get a good amount of it. The school has a safe feeling!
Hickory High School made me into the person I am today. The good parts and the bad parts helped develop my personality as I grew older, shaping both my social skills and my academic skills at the same time. Without Hickory, there is a possibility that I would have not chosen the career path I currently plan to take, due to the differing resources alternative schools may have offered. For that, I am ultimately grateful for Hickory High School. I learned valuable life lessons and met some of my best friends, who I hope to keep in touch with as I carry on throughout life.
I transferred here the summer before my junior year and Mrs. Dortch, the principal, has done an amazing job making me feel welcome as well as the other teachers. I've made friends quickly and really enjoy going to school here!
Hickory high school is a decent place concerning student life, safety, cleanliness, and abilities to be involved with extra curriculars.

However, with regard to how they prepare you for college, and the options they give concerning college, I feel they are not good at all. I found myself saying that I wish I knew more about applying to schools and more about major and minor options for certain schools. The school counseling aspect could be much better than what it was and has been.
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My experience at Hickory High School has been amazing! The faculty gets students in school spirit and aims to strengthen learning skills! The one thing I wish would change is the office faculty not listening to a multitude of students who complain about a teacher. If multiple students complain about a teacher, I wish they would look into that.
I am a current student at Hickory High School. It is a highly populated school, but has a very professional environment. The teachers and staff are very polite and trusting. The only reason I gave four stars was because of organization. The school is trying to do a one lunch session every month. It's a time where every student has the same lunch, but is very dysfunctional and crowded.
Education is a top priority here. I've taken several Advanced Placement courses and done very well. The biggest issue for me is that most teachers only teach to the curriculum/standardized tests. The only class I have learned any practical knowledge in is College Composition because there is no standardized test at the end of the course. My favorite thing about Hickory is that everyone can find a place to fit in because the student body is so large. Whether the student is into music, art, athletics, technology, or even chess, there are always open doors for new friends.
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