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Small town atmosphere where everyone looks out for eachother! You will have the same teachers every year for the standard subjects. This means you get to know everyone!
I have bee going to hickory flat since second grade. The there are always a couple teachers that do not treat students fairly. The lunches are not the best, but sometimes that's all they can give you. The teachers have become family to me. I am now a senior and will graduate in May. A lot can be said about hickory flat school, but i will just say this. It is where i met my friends and learned a lot. That's all that matters.
No advanced or AP classes; few choices of Dual Enrollment classes; no foreign language teachers/classes; heavy focus on school athletes and academic stars, other students fall through the cracks;
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The teachers are amazing . Everyone is like family there. There’s hardly any disagreements. The teachers really care. The principal really care. No matter what time or day it was, the teachers always tried to help you the best way they knew how to. It’s so much love when you walk into the school. The only thing that needs to change is the student parking lot. It needs to be expanded .
I like that the school is small and it's more hands on with the teachers. I'd like to see more students participate in programs than just the select few that do. Everyone needs the same opportunity to be successful
The one thing I liked about Hickory Flat is that I had a couple of teachers who went above and beyond in their jobs. They cared so much, they helped students with other classes because the other teachers did not know how to teach those classes to start with. If I could change things about the school I would start with some of the teachers. No student should ever ask a question and get a response "I really do not understand why you aren't getting this," (says it in front of the entire class) and "google it."
It is a small town school with limited funds, so of course it could use some work. However, the faculty itself is rather resourceful. We all excel at doing the best that we can with what we are given. I think if average kids gained more opportunities and had more clubs and what not to explore what they are good at, the school would be much better.
No tolerance for bullying. Cameras are everywhere. School nurse available most of the time. No real health programservices in place.
The teachers/coaches at this school do not treacherous students fairly. They seem to tear down inspiration instead of building on it.
The teachers overall are of average quality. They don't strive to better themselves in their area of expertise. They show partiality to certain students of the "in croud". Teaching stylestyle are somewhat questionable.
I do like my school, I am just not sure if I love it. I have made so many memories and I have an abundance of friends. I am the leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and I am the starting post player and I have been ever since the 7th grade. I love being a leader and helping people out as much as I can. I would definitely choose this school again just to make a bigger impact than before!
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