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Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School Reviews

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I liked that the students there and a few of the teachers made things fun, but also made sure we were on top of our grades which leads to what is most important....graduating. I would say that school needs to work on a lot of things. One, is the lunch food. This is not mostly based on the school, because all schools in Miami-Dade County have bad food for breakfast and lunch. Another thing is that when it is time to pay for senior events, they are so unorganized. They announce it sometimes way too early than I think it should be, and also they give students a short amount of time to pay. I'm sure there are a few more issues but that is the main ones I can remember from the top of my head.
I was in the first iPrep class, it took a lot of work and dedication but all in all it was worth it. Also participate in clubs it keeps you busy and to colleges they see you as well rounded.
I love my school, not because of how it looks, it's sports teams or because I'm lying, but because of the opportunities that I've had to meet amazing people. Those who were once strangers are now my family, the ones who were just teachers have shaped my life greatly, becoming more like friends, and the people that skipped me in the lunch line every single day... I'm not so fond of. But although there were bad moments, the experience as a whole was better than any I could ask for, and I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for my school. If it was a person, I would probably hug it.
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Hialeah Miami lakes senior high school to me was okay I had some bad and some good times, when it came to the teachers I have to admit alot of them worked their butt off and a couple barely teached anything, one thing I can say is I made some amazing friends & 80% of the time something that’s always on the menu for lunch is chicken and to me that was the less disgusting food there, everything else is terrible and look like dog food but one thing I did not like about it was how they enforce rules and not keep up with it furthermore, they need better security I don’t feel safe at all, I feel like anybody could come out and go in the school.
I am an alumni and I had excellent honor and AP teachers. There were several clubs to choose from and the school was very active in the community and has an amazing band and auxiliary team.
School spirit has declined since I was a freshman. I think the only good thing about the school is the iPrep program but only a few kids can get in. I'm a junior now and if I had a younger sibling I would not send them here unless I had to.
The iPrep program allowed me to meet charismatic, intelligent teachers, and truly made me feel at home. I felt like I could trust almost anyone. However, those that aren't in iPrep tend to merge into in-groups, and it's almost impossible to join them. The facilities are somewhat unhygienic, and the school's infrastructure and maintenance definitely shows its age. It's not in a particularly impressive location, but it's a worthwhile experience if you push yourself and have no other option.
The staff was incredibly knowledgable in their fields of study and always made themselves available after class, or school, when needed. The extracurricular activities were engaging and always included a variety of students.
I love the teachers there, if you are an applied student then with no doubt you will love the wide variety of AP courses and DE you can take.
I like various things from Hialeah Miami Lakes. I love how the faculty is very friendly with the students and they strive to provide the best services they can for the students. I also like how the teachers try to motivate the students and they don't let them fall back behind. Overall they want to see their students achieve and take part in their accomplishments. At HML there's always room for improvement with the help of the Staff and the educators. I've grown to love this school for its amazing qualities and I hope it continues this way. There's nothing I would change except that I wish they introduced more electives and also I wish the lunch was a better experience for the students because it's really not the best. If they changed that maybe it would be an even better school among the others.
Hialeah-Miami Lakes is a small school that services three large communities. Although it is diverse, it's fairly easy to find your niche and feel right at home. The atmosphere may be clique-ish on a day to day basis, but then again what school's atmosphere isn't. In the face of adversity the students of Hialeah-Miami Lakes are able to band together and act as a family unit. We protect our own, at sports events, and competitions, even when administration is taking things over the edge. Although it's impossible to be friends with everyone, we stick up for each other. If you're looking for a community of bright, passionate, talented, and fiercely loyal students, HML is where to find them.
It was very diverse and engaged learning environment. I was in chorus for four years. I am looking forward to being in more clubs and networking. I love the friendly environment. The administrators showed a lot of support towards the students.
Hialeah-Miami Lakes creates an environment where any person can fit in instantly! The teachers are top notch, with various AP and Dual Enrollment courses at the student's disposal, and clubs such as band, Model UN, and countless others.
What I like about Hialeah Miami lakes senior high school is the administration and counselors, they truly are there when needed.
I liked being in iPrep except for junior year. I didn't like the administration however. They only ever made stupid decisions.
I received an amazing high school experience at HML. Not only was I able to be involved in sports and clubs, such as being a part of the Varsity Volleyball team and going to national competitions with DECA, I was able to academically advance by taking multiple dual-enrollment classes at school and at Miami-Dade College. The school also offered many AP courses which also allowed me to receive college credits and boost my GPA. If I had to choose a high school again if I was in middle school, I would definitely choose this school again. The only change I would like to see is an improved maintenance of the school, such as fixing the bathrooms on every floor so that there are two bathrooms for boys and girls on every floor.
I've spent almost four years attending Hialeah-Miami Lakes, and it has been an exceptional high school experience for me. Being a part of the iPrep program has improved my intellectual abilities, and my involvement in a multitude of clubs as well as volleyball have kept the school spirit brightly burning inside me. HML is a school I would recommend to anyone interested in getting ahead in life; a wide variety of college courses are available on campus, making them easily accessible. Another aspect that attracts me to this school is the opportunity to take more than the 24 credits necessary to graduate because of the eight - rather than six - period schedule. This school has lots to offer, and anyone willing to go there will grow into a better person than when they came in, prepared to take on anything in the real world.
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HML is a very inclusive school. We have a wide variety of students from different ethnic backgrounds. My overall experience has been amazing because of all the academic and extracurricular opportunities I've had available, especially the iPrep program.
Hialeah Miami lakes high school is an okay school would i refer somoone to this school NO, if you want a more active and put forth effort school go to goleman.
The teachers were great and you could really learn a lot. My teachers at this school definitely helped prepare for college. I thank this school for listening to us as students and doing whatever it takes to make us feel safe and let us know that they have our backs and will help us meet our goals.
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