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When I was at Hewes there was an after school volleyball program which I had participated in.
I feel that the teachers here do their best to help students. For example if I am having a problem in math I know that I can pop into my Math teacher's class and he would be very willing to help.
Most teachers go above and beyond to help students.
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There is a great health system.
There are many great extracurricular activities available.
This school is great academically, and also allows the students to have fun.
The teachers work hard to prepare their students for high school.
The school did a great job in incorporating technology into the every day lessons. The campus is always being cleaned by the janitors and during hot days the air conditioning does a great job in keeping the classroom warm. The counselors are great and are happy to help the students and parents in whatever they are having issues with. This school felt like a little community where people could be open with each other and where help was available if you needed it.
I couldn't see myself going to any other middle school. The experience I had there from the long term friends I made to participating in sports is one that I will never forget. I am proud of the work I put forth because it created a drive within me to continue getting good grades throughout my school career.
Many students were really into after school sports. We would compete against the other middle schools in the area. If you weren't in a sport P.E. was great too. They didn't just make you run on the track, but rather set up units like baseball, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. We even had our own olympics which created a lot of competition, but at the same time an unforgettable experience.
There are many kids who come from different ethnic backrounds as well as religious backrounds. This environment created a real world situation and allowed students to learn about diversity and experience people ever then themselves. Everyone was accepted and no one felt inferior to another because the students respected each others individuality.
I always felt that I could go up to any teacher and hold a conversation about something that was not school related. All the teachers were devoted to the students and pushed the kids to do the best they could. They were always around if a student needed extra help and were overall concerned with the ultimate well being of the students.
At Hewes, every student was given the opportunity to take part in after school activities. For myself, I played soccer, but lacrosse, track, volleyball, and basketball were all offered as well. In addition there was a gardening club, Leadership, and band for all the kids to take part in.
At Hewes Middle School there was a zero tolerance policy which intimidated all the students, but at the same time gave us a sense of safety. Every student felt safe on campus and bullying or fights was something that was not often heard of happening on campus. The school nurse was good and was always friendly. She handled what she could, but when things were out of her capabilities then she would take necessary action.
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