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Great school to prepare students for future college and success. Teachers are very knowledgeable with their subjects.
I liked my experience at Herricks High School- the music, art, and science programs were really good and the clubs I attended had been fun. I think the school food and the sports programs could really be improved though. I think the school-wide activities could be more inclusive and better organized, but it is good as it is.
Herricks High School is a great school. I immigrated from Korea to the United States two years ago, and Herricks was my first American school. I had a hard time adjusting to American culture, language, and food. But fortunately, I came to Herricks School, where I could meet good friends and teachers. My counselor and other teachers took care of me carefully and understood. Herricks High School's greatest strength is the diversity of races, so my friends treated me friendly without being awkward. It is my most excellent luck to be able to come to such a good school. Herricks High School is a fantastic school that offers a variety of high-quality classes, high academic enthusiasm, and teachers who are passionate about education!
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Teachers are nice but student environment is lacking diversity and inclusiveness. Very divided and lack the ability to acknowledge privilege and different types of people in life.
Amazing school! Very diverse and the academics are great. The teachers are very nice and understanding.
I came to Herricks in 2017 as a sophomore. At the beginning of school, I had a hard time getting adjusted to new people. But as the year went on, I don't have words to express how I feel about Herricks now as a senior.
Herricks was a decent high school to attend. There were supportive teachers and guidance counselors who would invest their time in your education and future if you were willing to invest in yourself. It was a competitive atmosphere if you wanted to be.
HHS! Go Highlanders! The school is very good. I love it so much! Nothing can say but thank you! Education Today-Knowledge Forever.
Herricks is considered to be a pretty good school. They are known for their music program and excelling in academics. It's also very diverse; many of the students are Asian. The teachers are mostly nice though they may not always be the best teachers, but most schools have teachers like that. Either way, the school prides itself on having qualified teachers. Herricks can be very competitive, grade-wise. It has high scores compared to many other schools. The students are like any other students; they're not exceptionally mean or nice. The food is decent, and better than a lot of what other schools serve. There's hot lunch that changes daily, pizza, bagels, salads, and paninis. They have a football field, soccer field, baseball field, and tennis courts. The football team is known for being below average.
Overall, Herricks High School has been a welcoming and fun environment. Although many students are grade focused, the teachers always make sure to stress that life isn’t just about grades. It works as both a reassurance that it’s okay that not everything is an A+ grade, but it also helps you remember that you are more than a grade. Herricks has created various teacher relationships for me that I know will last for a long time. Teachers here do not want you to just pass the class, but they also want to get to know you as a person and work with you either as a advice giver or a teacher.
My experience at Herricks High School was absolutely fantastic. The teachers really care about their students and you can always find them outside of the classroom. They're always very friendly and can talk about anything even if it is unrelated to the class. Herricks High School is also very competitive however it is more so collaborative. Everybody wants to see each other succeed. Everyone is there to help each other and be there for each other whether it be for academics or just socializing. One thing that is a downside to Herricks High School is the competitiveness. People lose sleep over school. They will be up until 2 a.m. studying for classes. everybody wants to get that a plus. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. Also, Herricks High School has a majority of Asian students. There are barely any Latinos, African Americans, and Native Americans.
I think that Herricks has a really nice community and a unique teaching environment. While there are some issues with vaping and drugs, they are not really present and do not affect others like me who avoid them. The teachers and staff try their best and are successful at supporting the students and the abundance of after school activities, including clubs and sports, makes my time at Herricks High School a memorable experience.
Herricks provides its students with opportunities in so many different fields: academics, music and the arts, athletics, service, and extracurriculars. We have amazing faculty and a school culture that supports students in what they wish to do.
Herricks was a great school that really prepared students for higher education. The area is nice and the student body is generally friendly. However, the school is not very diverse, mostly White and Asian students, and most in the middle/upper-middle class. I felt well prepared to move on to college in terms of knowledge, but did feel like going to Herricks was like being in a bubble in terms of life experience.
I loved all of my teachers! They really prepared me very well for college. There were many AP classes that students could take, and I always felt very prepared for all of the exams. All of my teachers actually cared about me as a student and wanted to see me succeed.
The teachers at this school are really caring and want to see you succeed. The school is very spirited and has a lot of fun events!
So far Herricks High School is great. However, it could be academically challenge at times due to it s competitiveness. But at the end of the day it only prepares you for college more. Overall, the teachers are great and always willing to help. In conclusion our music program is amazing.
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I think Herricks is a great school, especially parents looking for a school that helps their child excel academically as well as delve into their other interests. Herricks offers a variety of after-school activities and elective classes to help engage teenagers in a plethora of hobbies, and the teachers continue to be passionate about what they do and prioritize the students. Not to mention, Herricks as a district starts preparing kids for college as soon as they begin to pack up at the middle school and get ready to jump into high school. All in all, Herricks is great high school for ambitious and determined students.
Herricks is an incredibly diverse community with excellent academics and staff and very motivated students who participate and a wide variety of activities that the school has to offer. It can be very competitive at times and classes can be difficult, but there are definitely resources for students to succeed.
Herricks prepared me for college very well. Excellent teachers and staff. Sports teams are mediocre at best, but is overall a great community to be in
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