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Heritage Middle School Reviews

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Going to heritage allowed me to express myself in new ways. Students and teachers allowed me to learn new things everyday.
I enjoyed going to Heritage Middle School, I only went for 2 years but I made some great friends and had some awesome teachers!
I am an 8th grade student here at Heritage Middle School, with about 5 months left before I start high school. Overall, I had a good experience here. The teachers care about you not only as their student, but as a person. They will support and sometimes even go to some of our out of school activities and cheer us on, and they will always be their for us even when we leave the school. My biggest problem is the online courses I take. I am talking Math 2 or Algebra 2, which is a 10th grade course, online. If we have questions we have to email or text or online teacher, but if it is a question we need answered right away, there is nothing we can do about it. We have all tried asking the math teacher for the rest of the track and every time she says she is busy. Then we ask one of our fellow online students QUIETLY. The teacher yells at us for talking.
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They teachers that were there at the time were extremely helpful in the classroom. the schools set up was very organized Each grade had their own hall and they rarely saw any other students in the other grades.
school spirit is very important . team performance is very well.
The school is diverse but kids don't pick on each other or make each other feel less .
the teachers are nice and they make sure to help you get good grades
my school has a lot of clubs like sports medicine and a lot of after school activities for fun i think its important to be in a club where you're getting know others you know nothing about
The Health part could be more better . I feel safe at school but i know there are also bullies and school . I think my school is pretty safe but i think people try to fight others just because they think they are better than others.
There are a huge number of clubs available for students, almost more than I think is necessary, but needless to say there is something for everyone.
Safety wise, it is sound. There are security guards and sheriffs there for assistance. Medically, they have a nurse there for you, but only covering a very limited number of problems.
They are very strict, but that's what makes the school the best. Students respect the administrators, while the administrators respect the students.
They allow tutoring, help from mentors, and there is a computer in every classroom.
This school has prominent safety measures and devices to ensure student's safety.
These teachers try their hardest to ensure students reach their academic potential in all aspects of the core subjects.
The school is very competitive and makes sure lots of students come out to their games.
This school worked hard to prevent bullying and accept children of all different backgrounds. They had a moment of silence where students stood up during lunch and stood silent to show their mark on bullying.
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The chorus concerts and dance concerts were really enjoyable to attend and perform in. They make sure to include different kinds of students in their performances and give each a chance, no matter what their talents and abilities are.
Administration and office staff connect with students and parents. It's a great community.
Safety (health, physical, and mental) are enforced.
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