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Heritage Hall Christian School Reviews

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The teachers are wonderful. Most have endearing personalities, but are thorough and strict enough to ensure that the student body succeeds. The student body is as rife with drama as any other school. The technology in the high school could definitely stand to be upgraded as about ninety percent of the tower computers in the computer lab are either ridiculously slow or hardly work at all. There are no clubs at all, and the most advertised event of the year, the Fall Festival is mostly student-run, so even if a student wanted to enjoy it for themselves, there's hardly any way to. The teams do well enough in sports, but none of them have had a winning record in years. The student body just isn't large enough to build a respectable team in any of the sports Heritage Hall has to offer. If you come and/or send your child here, it would more than likely be for the academics, and nothing more. I suppose it's up to you if that outweighs the lack of student body unity or closeness.
I really enjoyed the warm, Christian environment as well as the caring teachers that you just don’t find anywhere else. The only problem I had is that the school has gotten somewhat small in recent years.
HHCS was a great school to attend. You make friends for life and many have met their future spouse there. As far as education goes, I was completely ready to attend college and actually found most college classes fairly easy because of the preparation I had at Heritage Hall.
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I graduated in 1988. I dearly love my alma mater which prepared me spiritually, mentally, socially, and definitely academically for my future. Great academics - teachers who truly love the students - and great lifetime friends. It was a great school in which to grow up!
Great school that prepares students mentally and spiritually for life. Students are held to a high academic standard and given a lot of help to reach their goals. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile and help the students who are struggling and encourage the ones who aren't to keep going strong.
I came to this school as a freshman, and felt kind of odd as it was my first time wearing khakis to school, let alone going to a Christian specific school. However, my class of 10 quickly welcomed me in and I've had some of my greatest times with the now 11-12 people in my Senior class. and the other grades have been good friends as well. Nowhere near as stuffy as I had expected.
They prepared me for the outside world adequately. I could have gotten a more open mindset though.
I had a wonderful experience at this school. They are not very open-minded about some topics but are generally quite helpful and try very hard to give the best learning possible.
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