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Heritage Classical Christian Academy Reviews

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I love it here. All the older kids are so nice and make me feel safe, secure, and included. I get to play sports and other activities and I am learning so much. I would not ever want to go to another school.
I love this school. Everyone is so nice and I am learning so much. I was having trouble with one of my classes and one of the older kids heard me telling one of my friends and they volunteered to stay after school and help me, without me even asking them. They even drove me home one day afterwards. I love it here and cannot imagine going anywhere else.
Heritage is a great little school with a wonderful environment. The teachers truly care about the kids and it is one big community. My daughter is getting a wonderful education and i know she is in a very safe and loving environment.
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Its a great little school with a great environment. My kids had an opportunity to be involved in everything and are becoming well rounded people who can make valuable contributions to the world,
I went to Heritage for 6 years. It was challenging. I learned many things. I learned how to recognize classical songs (entire name, composer, and instruments used) by hearing the first couple seconds in Music History. I learned how to write 8 page papers and give a presentation for each one in History. I spent the entirety of senior year researching, writing, and rewriting a 20 page paper and presenting a 40 minute speech for Senior Research.
Besides a difficult education, Heritage is known for community. I loved spending time with both 6th graders and seniors. Age simply doesn't matter at Heritage. Every school has their issues and Heritage is no exception but my experiences have made me into the person I am today. I learned how to work hard, be patient, stand up for my beliefs, and love myself for who I am. Heritage definitely changed my life and I hope it does the same for you.
Heritage is an amazing Christian School. A small, safe and engaging atmosphere. Teachers really engage and care about the students. Students have lot of opportunity to shine!
Great little school with Christian values. My son and daughter both go there and are getting a great education in a re all safe environment.
Heritage Classical Christian Academy is a small christian school located in Fenton, MO. It provides a safe, christian environment. Students are encouraged to grow their inner-self as well as academically; allowing students to excel both personally and academically. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to assist students as needed.
I truly enjoyed my experience at Heritage Classical Christian Academy. I was enrolled my sophomore through senior years. The teachers taught the material well and were always willing to help students succeed outside of the classroom.
We have loved our experience at this school. The teachers are amazing at what they do and the students are loved and disciples all the way through!
There are very few extracurricular opportunities at this school. However, there are some extracurriculars offered and students are free to start any club they want.
This school is very safe. There is no bullying that I know of, and, on the whole, students respect each other. We do have rules for emergencies and have at least one or two fire drill a year, but not all the students have a very clear idea about what to do in an emergency. However, I have no doubt that all the teachers know what to do in an emergency and would guide the students should such a situation arise.
This school has great academics, and a wonderful community and relationship building aspect. However, it is weak in the arts and athletics programs (although the administration is currently working on improving that), and there are very few clubs. If I could do my schooling all over, I would still go to Heritage because of the many valuable academic and social lessons I have learned there inside and outside the classroom.
Every one of the teachers at Heritage cares about their students and wants their students to be the best they can be. They are very knowledgeable and have a deep interest in the subjects they teach. They are also very fair, do everything they can to make sure students understand class material, and try to be as engaging as possible.
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