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it has been good so far and the teachers really care about your education and your walk with the Lord, but it lacks resources for the students to use such as technology to use during class and up to date text book, and some teachers are easy to tell if they are not certified to teach
I graduated from Heritage Christian School and absolutely loved it! I got a very high quality education as well as a strong foundation for my walk with Christ. I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend there.
We absolutely love the teachers and staff! It is a great environment, and I love knowing the teachers care about our kids and are teaching them about Christ! Love it!
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Heritage Christian School has great teachers who are truly concerned about the students. The teachers show the love of Jesus Christ in how they approach the students. The yearly national standardized testing averages in the 80th percentile or above for the entire school.
Students feel pretty safe here, with the exception of a little bullying (not much) going on.
There are very few options for extracurricular opportunities at the school. The main options are band, choir and art. Yearbook and Journalism are also available, but not many students join. Most students I have talked to have said how they wish there were more options.
I've had some good and bad experiences at the school. Definitely made a lot of memories during the play and music trips and sports. However, I do wish there would have been more options on extracurricular things and that the school stuck to the handbook a bit better. Other than that it was a good experience,
With the exception of one or two teachers, they usually make sure the student understands the lesson. They are available to explain difficult things and they care for the students.
The coaches and facilities are great, but school spirit is slightly lacking.
The cafeteria provides enough seating for all students in a pleasant atmosphere. The food provided is a balanced meal and usually quite healthy.
I feel very safe at this school. I do not know of anyone who has been bullied. Drugs and alcohol have never been used at this school to my knowledge. Locked doors and visitor and student check-ins and check-outs make sure that students are kept safe.
The academics at this school excel. The teachers are committed to helping students understand the material. The scheduling process is easy but the choices for special study and electives are extremely limited. Almost all students must take exactly the same classes. The workload is barely manageable when involved in extra-curricular activities.
I like going to Heritage because all the teachers are committed to excellence and are willing to help students learn. It is a small school, so students and teachers really get to know and encourage each other. The teachers are great examples of what a Christ-honoring life should look like. The electives, sports programs, and extra-curricular activities are usually good but limited in options. The small aspect is positive because it is possible to get to know people really well but negative because there is not a lot of variety between the students who attend the school.
There are fewer extracurricular activities at this school than most. There are very few clubs, that being said, the staff work hard at the activities they do have. Drama, robotics, sports, and music activities are available, but there seems to be a lack of highly trained staff in multiple areas so the schools ability to run a variety of extracurricular activities is limited.
Students are very involved with each other, as this is a small school. Peer pressure is not a problem because the students who come here have a lot of similarities. The students overall seem to be accepting.
The majority of teachers at Heritage are outstanding. They have dedicated years to teaching and developing their curriculum to keep in new and interesting. Teachers at my school are still learning, which is an important attribute of a great teacher. There are a few teachers who lack needed experience and training, however, most have been an inspiration to me.
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