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Great environment for learning. Teachers are very knowledgeable. Overall, great experience for both of my sons.
The sports are horrible. The few sports they play, the teams lose most games. The academics is poor, as they are behind average once you hit middle school. The staff is biased and selectively enforce rules.
I absolutely loved Heritage! It prepared you for college and holds you to a high academic standard while having a great atmosphere. The teachers and staff are incredible and are truely committed to their students. Smaller class sizes allow students more attention and help from their teachers. This school is one of the best out there!
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That school is not diverse, tuition is high, & lack of resources and opportunities. They can do better on what they are doing honestly. They have high expectations but they wouldn't connect to us parents on what's really going on.
I joined Heritage when I was about 10 years old after attending the public schools all of my life. I was a nervous wreck on the first day of school, but after a few visits, I soon began to fit right in. It is a small school so it always every student to get the chance to really get to know other people. When I entered middle school, I met some of the best people and I am still best friends with them to this day. At Heritage, I feel challenged academically and it allows the students to sample the rigorous academics that will be seen in college. If I could change Heritage, I would like the school facilities to be updated and bigger since the main building is already extremely small. I also would like our student body to be more diverse and open-minded.
Heritage Christian Academy has excellent teachers and a wonderful staff. They have little to offer in the athletic and music department, and you will not have many options for classes, but you will feel like part of a family.
I love the family feeling at heritage Christian academy. You feel welcome and part of the school life. Everyone has an opportunity to succeed. The teachers care about you and want you to succeed.
I have learned much from the teachers at this school, both by example and instruction.
For the amount of students at this school, we seem to have enough space. Would be nice to have a bigger gym/auditorium so we good do more activities there instead of having to rent other facilities.
The school requires all vaccinations be up to date and keeps up with them. They also do lice checks and have a safety system where you must be approved to enter the building.
Have had issues with being bullied but the teachers and school have tried to eliminate those situations that they have been informed about.
I enjoy being a part of the school's clubs and organizations. I also enjoyed playing soccer and helping the girls soccer team by being their ball boy.
Because is a religious private school, there should be requirements. I feel that my level of education has greatly increased by coming to this school. The teachers and administration are very supportive and uplifting. Being a smaller school makes it feel more like a family.
Getting into Heritage is not too hard so that is a good thing.
I love our high school staff.
I personally wish we could wear sweatpants but it does not make or break the school. I do love Heritage Christian Academy and don't wish I went anywhere else for my high school years.
At any school there will be some bullying going on. Heritage Christian Academy has very little. As an overall, I would say the health and safety policies are fine.
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Our building and facilities are very well maintained and updated as a whole for community and health standards. There are however some lacking preparations in regards to future students and alumni with where they are going in life.
It has been a great environment of growth and learning. It prepared me for college very well. Not always have I appreciated the small and personal feel of this high school, making it seem like the real world would be this way, but for this specific time in my life it was extremely helpful. This school is very relational and welcoming to staff and students, visitors and parents. They pride themselves in teaching with high standards as well as great moral and biblical ethics.
I feel completely safe and at home at this school. I have never felt threatened physically or emotionally by any staff or students. The health of students has always been a high priority to the staff as we have many specific on going health scenarios with students; mental illness, a girl with a faulty immune system, and a many kids with dangerous allergies. They make is a priority to help these students and the rest stay healthy and functioning their best for school.
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