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Henry-Senachwine High School Reviews

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My experience at Henry-Senachwine High School has been up and down, but overall, it has been life-changing- for the better. Before high school, I was very shy and lonely, but since branching out, making new friends, and taking fun classes, I have become a whole new person. The staff at HSHS have been so kind and accommodating to myself and my needs. I have a 504, which basically means due to my mental illnesses, I get special accommodations to make my learning experience as great as possible. High school hasn't always been easy for me, but the teachers, counselors, and staff at HSHS have gone above and beyond to make my high school experience one to remember. Whether it is the receptionist complementing my hair in the morning, or one of my teachers telling me that I am doing good work in the class, or the social worker helping me work through issues I have, life at Henry-Senachwine High School has been 4 years I will never forget.
Henry Senachwine provides the nice small town school feel that you get at many other schools in the area. Henry has amazing faculty.
It's a small high school with everyone up in your business. We have to combine with two other schools for football and it's been threatened to get taken away.
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Henry Senachwine High School is a great environment for kids. It allows us to go out and serve some community service hours and help clean up around town. The teachers are always encouraging the kids to get involved and really help the kids become ready for the students next adventure in life!
I loved going to high school here! I feel it has gotten me very ready for going to college. I loved the teachers who have thought me, like our science teachers and math teachers. we have many sports for people to play including basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, track, and cross country. the environment is very good for new students as well, we might be a small school but we are a family. We have 8 our days, with 8 class periods. We have classes for welding, lots of art classes, music, and choir. We even have a program for seniors and juniors where you can go to LP and learn other concepts, like beauty school, becoming CNA's, which I have many friends have, you can go and work with kids too! I would recommend going to Henry Senachwine High School for anyone!
I think the cleanliness and overall attidues of the teachers and staff need to change before any of the kids can think differently.
Henry Senachwine High School is a great small town school. It is located in a small and safe community. Prepares all students for college level education.
It's your typical high school! We have some really nice teachers but they choose favorites. For some of them if you aren't a favorite then they won't help you. Our principle is lazy and rude. We have no air conditioner which sucks and they don't know when to turn on and off the heat.
I like the fact that HSHS is small and you do receive a lot of attention from the teachers. I have made friends here that I will have my whole life.
Lunch time is way too long. Food is very poor quality.
It seems that it is impossible for the principal to get anything done. He seems to just say NO automatically to anything that the student council requests.
I play baseball and I feel that their could be more support at our school for this sport. Most people seem to focus on basketball only.
Many teachers are dedicated and helpful to their students. However, some teachers do not seem to be as friendly and helpful as others.
There are many opportunities to participate in clubs and activities at my high school. The staff is very supportive and helpful.
When there is bullying going on it gets taken care of quickly. Everyone is safe here at school. There are security cameras all over the school and outside of the school, all doors are locked at night and during the day. When the police are needed they come right away. The school nurse comes from the grade school when she is needed right away. There are health programs and resources here if they are needed.
The teachers do the best that they can do to teach the students. All of us students are able to learn mostly everything that is taught. We learn how to talk to others better.
When a student needs helps the teachers are always willing to help. The teachers try to teach us all that they can so we have a better understanding when we go off to college and out in the real word. The scheduling process is good.
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You can join any club or extracurricular activities that they have here at the school. Everyone joins in with the fun and support that is needed.
There are many things that the students that are able to participate in any of the sports, clubs, dances, and community service.
The students are very friendly for the most part. There are not a lot of cliques everyone socialized pretty well. The teachers do a decent job of making sure everyone can pass. There is a lot of teacher involvement in drama though.
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