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My overall experience is okay, they were a bit strict with certain things but I did have a lot of fun.
It seems that this school cares little for those who aren’t in AP or honors classes from the start. Some teachers hardly make an effort to support students. The special education and AP/ honors classes seem to be great but if you’re just average and stuck in the middle, it feels like you are getting mediocre education, which makes you feel less motivated and it gets even harder to try for honors classes. Another thing is the dress code. It sucks. The only thing the staff cares about is busting you for the little champion logo on the sleeve of your overall solid color shirt. I hate it here and feel like I’ve only gotten dumber (especially with math)
Very welcoming students if you are new to HP Baldwin school. Most of the teachers are very understanding and will work with student if there is a challenge that difficult to understand within the lesson. The school itself is very diverse with all different cultures and religions, but similar values that are uphold within the school. The school campus is well kept by custodians and is a safe environment for staff, students, and family by police and security. The two star deduction is that the school could work on expanding the career pathway classes and AP classes. There is about only two or three different classes for each career pathway. Very minimal food when given lunch, for example three pieces of chicken stripes and a scope of brown rice with a choice of milk. All in all get campus but education and food could be better.
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I'm a senior here at Henry Perrine Baldwin High School. I have enjoyed my time here as a student, but I have noticed that many students don't like the current dress code that we have here which are mostly pertained to girls. I believe that says a lot already.
Henry Perrine Baldwin High School is a very put together school consisting of welcoming staff and students. Dress code is a big controversy, which students continue to share their voices about. In my four years of high school, it remained strict, confusing, and overall the same. School events are really fun and the ratio between teachers to students is appropriate. Overall, what I can say about Henry Perrine Baldwin High School is that I do not regret spending my high school years there. I have learned so much, met so much individuals and role models, and I believe I'm truly ready for college now.
As a graduate from Baldwin High School, I have always liked my experience there, from all the nice teachers who work there, to the many activities there is to do. At Baldwin High School, everyone is treated right, and the environment is great.
As a Baldwin High School alumni, I had a lot of good memories with my friends and teachers. I was fortunate enough to attend school events, such as homecoming, rally night, junior prom and senior ball. I learned a lot in high school, and I tend to pay attention a lot in class even if I feel like sleeping during a lesson, which I tried not to.
Most of the teachers are great but some of the admin should learn how to deal and interact with students better.
I love my high school! Super easy to get involved and everyone is super easy going and local. For the most part teachers are really nice and the staff is awesome. Lots of clubs and extra curricular activities and really cool events that happen all the time! Lots of socializing and the education in my opinion a quite great. Student council and sports is a great opportunity to get involved.
What I liked about baldwin is that the sports were very good. What i didn’t like about Baldwin was that the administration mostly cared about busting people about their dresscode.
The experience you get from H.P. Baldwin High School is what you put into it. You may not be the best athlete or the best student, but your effort is what will determine your outcome. The school gives you the opportunities to do great things, but it is what you do with the opportunities that will dictate your high school career and future. Baldwin has an array of clubs and athletics, a caring faculty, and a progressive curriculum.
Henry Perrine Baldwin High School is the perfect school to start your high school experience. This public school is well-known on the island of Maui for its excellence in sports and its academics follows shortly behind that. The laid-back staff and encouraging teachers cooperate to make sure you enjoy the next four years of your life. Baldwin's students are welcoming and participate in making the island a better place.
H.P. Baldwin High helped me through many school related challenges like classwork/homework & they even helped me with things going on at home that I troubled with.
Henry Perrine Baldwin High School is a large school with a lot of heart. Students frequently participate in spirit events and sporting events, especially football, are always a joy to watch. It's always full of energy from the students and teachers. As for the teachers, many are passionate and enjoy working with students, especially science teachers.

Academically, it isn't the strongest school, and lacks many options for AP classes, but a Running Start partnership with the nearby community college helps alleviate that issue somewhat. The faculties are also a bit old, with many classrooms lacking air conditioning and computers shared among numerous classes.

Overall, Baldwin is a school with a lot of spirit, albeit with some lacking education (though passionate teachers). For a public school on Maui, it's a good choice.
I have had a very nice experience at H.P. Baldwin High School. I really enjoy their wide variety of options in different fields of study; for example, the languages that are taught, which include: Japanese, Spanish, and Hawaiian. One thing I would like to see changed would be the amount of classroom space they have on campus because some classrooms tend to get a little bit crowded.
Our school is very diverse in cultures and is very easy to get along with each other. The teachers here support the students to strive for the best that they can be.
What I like about Baldwin High School is the different ways of how the teachers teach the students. There's also a lot of friendly staff and students that you can be friends with.
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Big campus with lots of students and teachers. Teachers and faculty are enthusiastic and helpful in getting you into the college you want. They are very supportive in sports and the arts, including film and media. Only a select few classes have AC and the school's budget is low, and the dress code is a main complaint of most students.
Overall, H.P. Baldwin High School was an okay school. There are many great teachers, and some bad ones. There are great counselors, but some bad administrators. It was an alright experience that could have been better with better staff members. Also, the school needs to have A.C. in their classes, that would help a lot with staying focused in school. Another great fix would be more spirit and school participation. Although you can’t really fix those categories, that would help students to have more fun.
Although the facility is older and in definite need of repair we have teachers who are excellent at what they do and are willing to help those in need. We have a diversity of students and clubs for everyone including drama, photography, band and debate. We also have several advance placement courses like literature, statistics, calculus and physics. There are also courses that help you to prepare for SAT testing and time management.
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