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Henry is a diverse, large high school in San Diego, California. It offers great AP classes to those who are interested. School spirit is good. Overall atmosphere is positive and the teachers and staff are supportive.
An exceptional high school that keeps getting better with time. Excellent staff and Advanced Placement Programs for students looking to get ahead
Henry high school has been a good school to attend to throughout the four years. The culture is accepting and there is little to no trouble that you would get into while attending. The teacher pool is great but for some classes it can be hit or miss and if you miss it will be detrimental to your learning. The clubs and extracurricular activities are great experiences and you will make a lot of great friends and have great experiences if you participate in them.
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I've been very fortunate to have compassionate and knowledgeable teachers throughout my high school experience. For most of my time at Patrick Henry the campus was under construction, however, I cant complain too much. We now have a beautiful new building for math and language, an enlarged parking lot, and redone sports field. Unfortunately, they have not spent as much time on the library, which is now currently under innovation and overseen by a single library technician. Overall a good experience, will probably be better for those starting now than those starting four or five years ago.
Some very good teachers, but some seem to not be as committed as other. I don't like the emphasis on STEM when the humanities actually has better teachers. The sports program heavily favors football, but not surprise there. It has a nice performing arts and math building though.
I loved my time at Henry. The teachers are great and the student body made my high school experience enjoyable. GO PATRIOTS!!
Great teachers and staff, friendly environment. There are so many clubs and opportunities to get involved with. My teachers. were all so helpful and the staff is very helpful as well.
Henry was a good place to go to High School, the facilities were a bit run down but despite that the experience was a positive one. They offered a variety of AP classes and so many different club options. School spirit and pride were very important and our sports teams were very distinguished.
The curriculum at Henry high school is very stimulating for minds of teenagers, however the atmosphere in terms of social circles are not that great, it is filled with cliquey privileged kids that spend a great deal of their time doing Drugs.
Most of the teachers are kind and genuinely care about the well being of their students. The faculty does their best to keep everyone involved and safe. A nice change would to have students show more spirit than they already do in order to increase the pride of Patrick Henry High.
The spirit, everyone looks out for each other, we talk to the teachers if there are any problems, the teachers are chill. It's a normal school with some problems but they never have affected me. Good sports programs, and parents are really supportive in the neighborhood.
The teachers and staff generally care about the students. A few may be unintentionally biased against minorities. The students are easy to get along with and I feel safe in that regard but because of all you hear in the news, I only gave safety 3 stars.
During my experience at Henry High School, it seemed very average to me. Every year I would have great teachers and awful teachers, as you would expect from any high school. The admin are fairly friendly to most students on campus, faculty and the same. Some departments are heavily budgeted and it affects classes and their quality. Environment is fairly nice, besides the occasional fights that breakout.
I loved all the rigorous AP courses that Henry High School had to offer, they were all challenging and all the students had a wide variety to chose from. I would like to see the drug use change, I remember many kids would bring drugs to school and use them in the bathroom.
Pretty good school... it’s better when you have the nicer teachers but that’s how it is with every school... PS - don’t use the bathrooms
If you surround yourselves with the right people, the community can be great and very friendly. A change in some teachers may be beneficial...
It is a pretty safe environment. They also offer a good amount of AP classes for the students. However, I do wish that the AP credits are also offered to Freshmen class and honors classes to seniors.
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Henry High is comprised of many great qualities that encourage the success of the students throughout the years. The climate is kind and students share a broad compassion for sports and clubs. The student body is consistently present at sporting events to support teams and continually participate in clubs that serve the community. Not only are the students willing to help their peers both on and off campus, they show readiness for entering the adult life, due to the advanced education that is readily available. Students are encouraged to participate in Advanced Placement classes, giving them opportunities to raise their GPA, which helps with college competitiveness. Henry’s academics helps students prepare for college and beyond.
I really liked some of the teachers I had there. Although the school is known for the bad drug reputation, I had an enjoyable time at Henry with some great teachers such as my AP chemistry teacher and my AP Calculus teacher. Some other teachers I have got to known do get very distracted and give us busy work. The school also does not have a library but an unnecessary large television screen in front of the school.
My overall experience about Henry has been good. As someone going into my senior year, I feel as though I am increasingly being prepared for college and plans after high school.
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