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OFL has brought many things to my studies ever since attending there, It has made me improve on my writing and reading that my previous other school didn't help me on and I am happy to have made the choice of moving here.
the learning environment is good and the teachers and staff are nice and are very involved in the success of each student
They helped me from the time i got there until the time i graduted
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I never did any of school activities
Variety of food choices that are healthy.
Nationally Recognized For Their Achievements
Northwestern High, we pledge our loyalty, thy walls of learning, filled with dignity, thy guiding hand, has shape our destiny, where ever we rome, we'll call this home, Northwester our own.
The teachers are heartfelt and determined to help their students succeed.
There are only one bathroom available for each gender in the front of the school. Because of this, boys usually urinate in the halls of the building.
There is a room with all types of workout equipment that the teacher is happy to teach you how to use. There is also a gym where students often play basketball though other sports can be played as well.
Kids used to fight often but rules have been put in place to prevent such outbreaks. The students still can make you feel threatened if they're angry enough and the hostility can be overwhemling sometimes.
The students don't care for the rules and try to bend them as much as they can without getting in trouble.
My peers often stink of marijuana. The sag their pants and have a limited vocabulary.
This school is not like a normal school, you are here to do little else but get out of high school. Not to have fun.
Lots of students come from the same neighborhood or are related. Everyone is open to conversation.
Our school offers not only the school board appointed menus but an alternate menu our fellow students prepare. Most students leave campus and choose their own lunch from the surrounding stores and resturants unless it rains, some still use the microwaves provided to reheat leftovers or cups noodles for lunch. Students rarely complain about lunchtime.
My school is a school focused on getting the student into college with little room for anything else which means few electives like music and drama and only basic highschool classes are available. Only a couple of clubs exist and there is an option to Share Time with the Sheridan Technical Center which will put participating students at 12 hours a day in school unless said student has a job or other such responsibilities that require him or her to leave early. The teachers encourage self-study and practicing good note taking skills. Students usually work in groups or alone but can always ask the teacher detailed questions or strike up a conversation about what he or she is studying, the teachers aren't shy about reminding students to get back to work. Every 9 weeks, the teachers have a mandatory assignment each student must complete but most time is spent on each student's individual contract.
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