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The IB Program prepares high school students well, and the CFA program is well-known. The problem with the school is the poor facilities
The teachers could have taught better; I only had one teacher who taught very well. The children there are very mean and bully a lot of children and if you try to get help/tell an adult, they don't care. The administration could care less if you were being bullied/ harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally. I honestly didn't like it very much at all, so I graduated a year early.
I like that Henrico has always taken a particular interest in the students that attend and try to incentivize learning to make it more engaging for students. There's a lot of student/teacher interactions that show how much they care about the wellbeing of the students. There was never a dull day at Henrico because of the lively staff, rowdy students, and interesting curriculum.
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I like the diversity at Henrico, in addition to comprehensive courses, we have Center for the Arts (CFA) and International Baccalaureate (IB). I'm in the IB program, so I can't accurately speak to the CFA and comprehensive students' experience at Henrico. A good rating would be between average and very good, so good overall.
My experience with Henrico High School was good for the most part. There wasn't as much parent support and involvement as I had hoped for. Also, it was clear that sports such as football and basketball were the main priority. The softball program wasn't given a lot of funds, and weren't even allowed to have a permanent fence because football would use our field sometimes. The equality for sports was not there at all. The teachers at Henrico were the best. They were so supportive, helpful, there when you needed them, and made sure I was prepared for college. The school safety was good, I felt safe and protected at school. The arts program received nice things such as breakfast some days unlike other programs such as IB. In terms of clubs and activities, Henrico was a very involved school. There was always an event taking place, and we were involved with our community as well.
Henrico High School has a beautiful outdoor campus and teachers/admin that sincerely care for the students. The programs offered (CFA, IB) are well-structured and promote forward-thinking in young people.
The faculty and some students had great school spirits. There were lots of fun events throughout the school year. The sports events were my favorite part of the school. Basketball and volleyball were my favorite sports at the school.
IB program is hard work I think it's help me in college.
All the math and science courses are available in the program.
It is an opportunity to be meet a variety of people and the teachers are amazing. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the school through clubs and sports.
I love how diverse the the campus was. It give insight on what I want to be surrounded by in my future schooling.
I enjoyed my experience at Henrico High School! The teachers that I had were passionate about teaching and thoroughly helped me through my journey. My counselors and administrative staff made sure that we all were safe and they answered all of our questions. The environment at Henrico, however, could have been safer and more accepting. Nonetheless, I made some of my closest friends at Henrico.
The teachers are always there for you, but the students? Some are very reckless and ruin the learning experience.
i am a junior at henrico, they are very nice people but its not diverse and fighting is very often. There sports and art programs are really good .
I enjoy the teachers at Henrico High School as they focus on making their kids ready for a stable future, however, the safety at the school is one concern of mine after being there for the past four years.
I absolutely love Henrico High School! The Center for the Arts is amazing, offering dance, visual arts, theatre, and musical theatre. The teachers are the best in the county, all loving the children as their own. Many of my former teachers and I still keep up. With the general population, CFA, and the IB program, students are exposed to all kinds of people. The school has great sport teams and an amazing theatre department who just performed Shrek the musical The school food is not very good, but more than half of our school is on free or reduced lunch so they do the best the can to make it good but free.
The IB program is a very excellent program that helps you get prepared for life. It has given me so many opportunities and real world experiences.
I have been attending Henrico High School for 4 years now and it has been the absolute best 4 years of my life. While at Henrico High School I learned the most importance of life. The most importance of life is education, family, & love. While at this amazing High School you are surrounded by nothing but good people who care about you and your education. These four years at Henrico High School I can definitely say I have grown into a way more mature life ready young lady.
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I am a current Senior at Henrico High School and I am enrolled in the Visual Art program for Center for the Arts. Like every school, Henrico has it's ups and downs. I found my home at Henrico before even coming to Henrico, as it is where my brother went. I really enjoy the environment of the school and how it feels like a fluid community. People come together and treat each other fairly and like an actually family at a High School. While having an outdoor campus has some disadvantages, the outdoors gives you a space where you can feel free and open with an open mind. Our art studios are top of the line studies with a professional gallery as well. Being in the Center For the Arts Program has allowed me to explore my options and gain knowledge into the art world. While the school does lack some of the stuff that other schools have, Henrico has taught me to adapt to what I am given and has taught me how to function in a diverse world and work place.
My experience in Henrico High School was pretty good. You have those teachers that think they can say whatever they want to you and you not suppose to say anything back. But you also have those teachers that really do care for you.
The IB program is the main reason why I attended Henrico High School. IB has been a great preparation for college.
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