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It's a very good school, there are a bunch of opportunities if you use them right. Many great teachers who love their subjects, lots of AP courses offered, and a phenomenal student body. The building itself is old and it seems like there's always something going wrong (heating, toilets, water fountains, etc). Additionally, it's a very competitive area with tons of other good schools (Downingtown STEM, for example).
I had a decent experience at Henderson. Many teachers are just in it for themselves and could do more but there are some great teachers but very few.
Henderson is a school that has high standards and low tolerance for anyone deviating from the rules. There is a lot of support for all students. There are plenty of activities and sports to join. The location is near town so it’s fun to walk as a group to the pizza shop after school. Some great friends can be made. Most of all, support for attending college is high priority
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Literally graduated yesterday but I will truly hold the amazing experiences I had at this school forever in my heart. Some of the teachers were a little iffy but aside from that this is a great shcool to go to.
Henderson is filled with great teachers striving to give their students all the tools to be successful. It set me up for my future and allowed me all the possibilities needed to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do post high school. They have beautiful facilities and great athletic teams as well as numerous clubs to get involved in. If the club doesn't exist that you want, find a teacher to sponsor their time and create the club.
Henderson High School was filled with extremely capable and challenging teachers and faculty. I always felt welcomed, and enjoyed participating in the many school events that Henderson offered.
Henderson High School is a great school. I feel that throughout my four years here, I have developed my character and improved my skills. My teachers have always been very encouraging and helped me whenever I struggled. I am part of the musicals and drama club and have been for all my years at Henderson. I love the theatre department and appreciate all the administration that work to make our shows so great. Henderson has prepared me for college well and I know graduation will be very bittersweet.
I enjoyed the friendly environment, along with the dedication in most of the teachers to really improve the students knowledge. i would like to see a little more of the real world type of academics, i feel as if government was a very useful class but maybe i should be considered as more then just a senior requirement course.
Love the School, I attended all four years at Henderson High School . All my teachers were extremely genuine and really cared about their student. Great Academics and great Sports teams
Henderson prepares their students for post -secondary education. There is a great sense of community in the school as well.
I'm going into my 3rd year at Henderson High School and so far it has been a great experience for me! There are a lot of clubs and extra curricular activities to choose from and there is always something for everyone! The students here really get involved with sports and come out and support the teams. Homecoming week is also really fun because all of the grades compete against each other to earn points for their class and to raise money for their class. Overall, it's a great school with a good learning environment!
Henderson is a great place to learn and expand knowledge; however, some teachers can be too harsh, confusing, and downright rude to students, which at times hinders their learning. Overall, the school is a great place which allows the students freedom to learn and express themselves. Henderson is filled with amazing faculty who truly care about their students mental health, lives at home, and other activities as well as their schoolwork.
Overall, a great school! The teachers really care and are always eager to help the students! I would not suggest buying lunch, but the food is not terrible.
great school! not a very diverse school community. Teachers,staff, and administration are all very friendly! Newer technology within in the school. Sports and activities are also great
Henderson High School was the best four years of my life. I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot. The school gives great opportunities to get a head start on college classes such as child development and they have a program where I am currently student teaching hoping to get a head start on my early childhood major I will be starting next year. The teachers at Henderson help you when you ask but they hold you accountable for asking if you have questions. Henderson had so many clubs and activities that there was always something to do after school.
The teachers at Henderson High School are amazing. I found a couple of teachers that I could personally connect with. They helped find my passions and strength and helped me resolve my weaknesses. There are plenty of clubs and extra curricular activities to do at Henderson. There is also plenty of opportunities to get extra help.
The school seems very safe to me. we do lockdowns and fire drills very frequently. students and teachers are aware of what they are supposed to do in an emergency.
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There's a lot of variety, but once you look into it more, most clubs are not active. I have been involved in a lot of clubs that didn't meet ever or do anything. there are a lot offered that I would want to partake in but you cannot find any information on it or they don't meet or do anything.
The school is a great school, providing quality teachers and education. But I find that the clubs aren't great and the teacher support for clubs aren't good. The school is too focused on sports. There are not enough resources for students to get easy extra help if they're falling behind, it is offered, but not really easy to actually get. the school is a good school but as a student there's a lot more they could be doing to help make everything easier.
The teachers are great and overall know their stuff. But most experienced I've had involve them being very condescending and shut off to students ideas, and I don't think that's healthy in a workplace. But really the teachers are very educated and are good at teaching.
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