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Henderson County High School Reviews

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The atmosphere of the school is very pleasant and makes learning a very comfortable environment. The extracurricular activities are also enjoyable. Overall a very good high school experience. They are always looking for new ways to meet everyone's needs.
It has a nice community and staff. They do they're best to prepare the students for their future. They have a great no bullying policy.
I liked the experience that I gained from my elective courses. The teachers are so willing to share all the knowledge they have about the course, and they are always open to any suggestions on how to make the course better. However, I would like to see the guidance methods change, as well as the way some core class instructors teach.
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Most people complain about it, but I honestly think its because they dont like school. However, I have enjoyed my time at this school and Im really sad that its coming to an end soon. It may seem strict at first, but I know that its all about of safety and I feel like some of the staff there really treat me like one of their children. One thing I would like to see change is more class options for those who are undeclared and dont really know what they want to do.
Henderson county high school is one of only high schools Henderson students can actually attending. The school is overpopulated, has some very questionable teachers, and, like most, shoves all it's money to sports and not the brand new, just-opened School of Fine Arts section.
All throughout high school, all of the teachers, guidance counselors, and other adult role models were very supportive. If a student has a problem with the material being learned, they always have access to help outside of the class. My personal overall experience at Henderson County High School has been great and I would recommend others to attend.
Most of the kids at HCHS are pretty nice and easy to get along with. When there is an issue with something, I know there are several teachers I could turn to.
Henderson county high school is quite an experience. Moving from a middle school with maybe 600 kids, to a school of over 2,000 students is such a drastic change. Most freshmen tend to freak out over this, but the administration and faculty of Henderson county high school helps to make us all feel comfortable, with flexible schedules and adjustable time frames during the first week of school. Over all, if you're in the Henderson area, hchs is a great place to attend!
Henderson Co. is a very large school , it has its perks but then it also has its disadvantages. It’s perks are that we are very involved in our school and that in your grade we try to compete against the other grades to try to get prizes making us more involved. We have a wide range of clubs ranging where anyone and everyone has something they like. Then we have our disadvantages, we have fights, we have big classes but i wouldn’t really count that as a disadvantage entirely just sometimes it’s a distraction when there are 30-35 people in your class.
I've had lots of great teachers throughout the years that have really made my high school experience enjoyable. There are so many AP classes available for students who want a challenge. If I were to change anything about the school it would be the size, not even the class size because I enjoy the aspects of a big school, but the sheer square footage. Sometimes it seems like you have too far to go and too little time to get there.
This school gives plenty of good education opportunities while also having safety at a very high priority.
I loved how there are so many educational opportunities for a variety of students. Personally, I took advantage of the Early College Academy program and graduated with 39 credit hours already completed.
I liked the ability to pick a class based on your career path. I think they could change many things, including the diversity.
Henderson county high school provides a secure environment that allows students to focus on enhancing their education. They also provide many opportunities to go above and beyond with schooling with the use of many AP classes and independent study opportunities. The schools also has one of the top academic teams in the state, allowing participating students to feel real competition in tournaments and contests. Along with a star academic team, we possess an amazing dance team that goes to Nationals almost every year. The teachers at the school all share a passion for teaching and encouraging students to succeed. The administration also shares this passion. Because of this, they continually reward success and encourage students to move on to college.
This school is caring and devoted to helping students graduate but as with any school there is still bullying
My experience with HCHS even though it was a short one as I only attended it for my Senior year was average and on some days below average. The school food was the sub par and threatening to student health. No real co-op opportunities unless your a nurse or stem.
I have had a great experience at HCHS. I am involved in several organizations - Student Ambassadors and community service group. I am also involved in music. New School of Fine Arts offers a wonderful opportunity in art, band, theater, dance, and voice. Career and Technical Unit is state of the art and offers many tracks to pursue - nursing, culinary arts, visual communications, construction, auto, engineering, agriculture, etc. Many AP class offerings. Lots of ways to get involved!
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Need more preparation on how to study at college. Not all classes are consistent. Same classes have different assignment volumes based on which teacher teaches that class.
The staff are very caring. The school is too large as far as the number of students it accomodates. There should be more than one high school.
While Henderson County High School has many options involving classes and career courses, it is over populated and not as well maintenances as expected. Of course this isn’t a staff problem but a school problem. There are many leaks and other faulty parts of the school. The hallways are too cramped and don’t allow the dense population to get through to classes.
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