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Hellgate has a spirited environment. While there is very little parking, this benefits students as it promotes carpooling and a more inclusive student community. Diverse learning strategies as well as outdoor learning can be observed at Hellgate. All areas of learning are encouraged including the arts, trades, athletics, and extracurricular clubs. The spontaneity, community, and educational opportunity at Hellgate make it a great school to attend. Hellgate has recently undergone construction, furthering its efficiency and architectural safety. The changes I would like to see at Hellgate include greater student initiative and improved communications between administration and the student body. At times students feel constricted or criminalized due to insufficient communication. I would also like to see greater student involvement in Hellgate's path to higher education. Programs including IB and AP could be drastically improved through greater student involvement.
Hellgate High School was a great fit for me at the beginning of my high school career. The people who attend school there are generally pretty accepting and inclusive. I had great experience in things such as cross country and drama. The councilors could be more involved especially in preparing juniors and seniors for the rigorous process of graduating and moving on. Overall, the teachers are pretty good. The IB program could be handled much better. No one seems to have a clue as to what they are doing when it comes to that. I think that the IB program has the potential to be prospective changing and very helpful for unconventional learning, but it is not applied well at Hellage. I think that this is because of the lack of resources staff members have when learning/training for IB curriculum. Non the less, Hellgate was a great experience. I had never felt so at home.
I have loved Hellgate High School. Everyone always has something to be a part of or something new to learn. One thing I wish I could change about my school is the amount of talk about college and prepping for testing, applications, letters of recommendation, etc.
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I loved the teachers and the school atmosphere was excellent. I really like the cross country team, as it is led by one of the best coaches in the US, and gets almost 10% of the school to come out.
I really love Hellgate, no matter it's flaws. The teachers are great an caring with some exceptional stand-outs that make the day that much better. The administration, however, is terrible. It is a monopoly that just wants to appease to the public and not care about students and their opinions. The school is socially very accepting and the people are overall very kind. Classes can be challenging if you choose to take challenging course which preps you for college. Yet the guidance on applying to colleges is lacking and vague. The help for people struggling in home life is also somewhat lacking, but I also feel that that is the case everywhere. Overall Hellgate is an accepting environment with plenty of opportunities and caring people.
Great teachers, the social inclusion should be looked at. The teachers and classes help students be ready for future education and mostly college. The availability of AP classes was minimum, and the charges for those classes where unreasonable for some students.
Hellgate is a great school. The teachers, academics, and student involvement is way better than other high schools in the area.
It's a good school! The teachers and programs are fantastic! The arts are vibrant and the school population is very accepting. However, class sizes are quite large and there isn't much on-site parking.
Poor administration at Hellgate High School unilaterally does not care for students. Though faculty is more often than not stellar, programs, classes and staff are cut each year to make room for more money-spinning ventures such as the IB Diploma Programme, which, even in its seventh year, struggles to be managed effectively at a school whose administration only wishes to have the appearance of a top institution--without putting in the work. If a student is struggling with mental health issues or problems at home, the administration and Hellgate's counseling service--which is an oxymoron--consistently makes it abundantly clear they would rather the student leave Hellgate than find an accommodation or a solution to the issue at hand.
Hellgate is a good school to go to if you like art, choir, band or orchestra. It is a very good school for artsy people. However, if you like sports this is not your place.
I liked Hellgate High School for its openness and friendliness. But something I would like to change is the "yellow lines" which confine all students to a small area during lunch hour.
I like how the teachers really care about their students and understand that they have other things going on in their lives besides homework. I would like to change our school from IB to AP. I think the way IB teaches their students is not beneficial in the long run. I think having an AP is more beneficial for the students and the faculty because it is more straight forward compared to IB. Another thing I would like to change (that can't really be fixed) is the diversity of Hellgate. It is amazing to go to a school in any other state and see all different types of people from so many different cultural backgrounds and then you just walk into Hellgate and there are very few people that are not white. Otherwise, I think that Hellgate is one of the best high schools in Montana.
I attended Hellgate High School from August of 2013 to June of 2014. The school was fantastic - studded with a diverse array of AP and IB courses, allowing for students to pursue college-level work and earn credits with minimal expense to families. The teachers are first-rate, and truly care for students. The athletics are lacking in areas, but the academics make up for it.
Hellgate is the most inclusive, unique school in Missoula. There are a diverse amount of classes to take, the teachers are caring and the student body is fun and welcoming of all. There are great sports, drama and academic programs to suit everyone.
I have found a very strong group of friends here at Hellgate and have made memories that are sure to last a lifetime. I have been challenged academically by the IB Diploma program that is an option at Hellgate, and feel that my classes have prepared me well for college and whatever lies beyond higher education for me. The teachers at Hellgate are supportive of me and my goals, and I feel that I can rely on them for not only a great education but for advice and guidance as well.
During my year and half there it was the beat time of my high school years. The sports were great and i enjoyed going to the games my senior year
I loved school last year, and I really hope they change it back to how it was before. New school policies are making this a stressful environment, and it is all unnecessary. We don't have trust anymore and honestly, it feels like we don't have nearly as much respect from teachers as we did last year. We are contained in one small space on the first floor at lunch and office hours. I miss having lunch with my friends, and having easy access to teachers for help. Now I can go to the library but that's it because the hallways are a nightmare and I don't have my own car. I like the library, but I'd rather meet up with friends or study in another spot. I want to go somewhere in the school where I won't be yelled at to leave because I'm "outside the yellow lines". I really hope they change it back, and so do so many others. We honestly can't stand it, and we definitely won't be able to if this is permanent.
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I was a very academically driven student, starting freshman year. Freshman year was fairly average, none of my courses were especially difficult or memorable. Sophomore I was enrolled in a BLOCK course, World history and English. It was honestly the best course I ever took in high school. I remember things from that class to this day. Junior and Senior year were International Baccalaureate Diploma years. The program was less than stellar, to say the least. I went through two changes in directors of the program, as well as teacher changes throughout the two years. The constant changes could be attributed to the newness of the program at Hellgate, however it was disruptive to my ability to fully engage myself in the program.
I really admire the teachers' concerns for student lives. They were very involved with students personally. I would like to see more assistance available for students who didn't grasp concepts as well.
one of the better high schools in Montana:
~ liberal arts- more liberal in ideas, more opportunities for students to express their individuality and pursue what they love
~ student dependability- more lenient dress code, hats allowed in school, short shorts, etc. In being more lax, students get to wear what they like without feeling the pressure to either conform or rebel against the administration.
~ one of the only schools in Montana not modeled after a prison... tall french windows, high ceilings, designed as a school
~ not particularly diverse but better than other places in Montana
~ most honors/AP/IB teachers are good, but teachers who teach standard/"core" classes don't put a lot of effort into making their classes memorable.
~ even in the honors/AP/IB classes there are some teachers that I don't like, but every school has their "bad teachers"- personal preference.
~ football team is bad but XC, soccer, and basketball are really good
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