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I am really grateful that I get to attend Helena High School. Helena High School is a very tight-knit school, that is always supportive of each other. Something that I would love to see change is the different clicks of teenager groups. This is not a problem just at Helena High School but all over High Schools in America.
Its a very good and efficient high school. Mostly everyone there cares about the well beings of students and does everything in their power to make sure student have what they need to be successful in the future. Take example my Career Prep class. Right now we are learning how to keep our money safe and what type of banking and cash options are best for very common situations that adults run into all the time. Just before that we learned how to recreate a resume and then we had interviews with people from all over our city and showed them our portfolio and resume and before the interviews we were taught what to say and not to say during a real life interview along with how to dress and how first impressions really do make a difference. Now, I did not give my school a five star rating because no school is perfect and just many other schools my school does have flaws but it is a very good school nonetheless.
I really enjoyed the people and the teachers. The teachers are super friendly and always willing to help with anything.
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Love the people and the teachers! They actually help you out with anything that you need, even on and off-campus. I would not want to go to any other school than Helena High School.
I loved our program called pack 60. It gives students times to study, make up work, or meet with teachers. I liked my history classes a lot. Most of the teachers are good. The math department lacks teachers that can teach math clearly and consistently. I do or feel I have had a good math teacher in high school. They did not prepare me for the ACT math.
Helena High School is the perfect school for students whom are serious about their future aspirations, or still in questioning, to attend. This education system has an extremely intelligent administration and staff which of whom are heavily dedicated in making sure each and every one of their students succeed in their studies as well as establishing strong connections for guidance. The student body is fairly diverse and open, giving an opportunity for students to freely express themselves and learn about one another. This school has a wide variety of clubs and organizations for students to choose from so that each student has one category to fall under and become involved with. Overall, Helena High School is a highly recommended school to attend to achieve college preparedness.
I feel comfortable with my children attending Helena High School. I feel that they are getting a good educational experience in the classroom and there are enough outside activities offered for them to be involved.
Helena High School is located in one of the safest cities in Alabama. There is a diverse student body. We have yons of community support for all school activities. In addition, we have some of the best high school coaches for all sports and genders.
I love Helena High School, because everyone in here are very respectful, i moved here for almost five years, when i first day got here the teacher and the students are very helpful, you can always ask them the questions that you do not know , you can always see their smile on their face. I'm going to graduate in 2020, but i will definitely miss it!!!
I love everything about Helena High School except I would do away with LEAD lunches because it doesn’t allow students to go get extra help from teachers and restricts club activities.
Very good school academically. Pretty good athletics but not very successful. Good size and not too many kids but not little. My graduating class was only 280.
The teachers were so caring, and they really invested into their students. Not only that, but the other students were caring and invested into their studies. Helena High School excelled in academics, athletics, and in the arts. We have one of the highest average ACT scores around, all our sports teams do really well and go very far in tournaments, and lastly our theater program and band are top notch. I always felt so safe at school and Helena is such a nice community.
I enjoyed my time there, but some improvements could be made. Introducing the Pack 60 period was one of the best decisions the faculty has made.
This school is so mean to each other. They bully each other and the teachers have no idea. The student's vape during classes. The students and teachers do not respect each other. The school is very high quality but the students and faculty are not. I do not recommend this school.
I go there currently and the school has been open for only a few years, 5 I think, and nobody respects each other. The teachers are only there for the pay check and the students have no respect for each other. Several students have a criminal record.
The teachers are very helpful and the school has only been open for 5 years! I feel very prepared for college and my teachers are very engaged in their students lives. It is also really easy to get involved.
Most teachers will go beyond the classroom to help. However, a few new AP teachers believe since you’re taking an AP shouldn’t need help. That is not the way to teach students. You’re getting paid to teacher high school even if it is an AP class. Don’t make students dislike a course because the teacher doesn’t want to teach it.
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Helena High School is just a few years old; so it has state of the art equipment and technology which assists students and teachers in moving ahead on projects and assignments.
Helena is a great school but I can see it getting very overcrowded in the future because of all the people moving into the cities and the multitude of schools surrounding it.
Teachers are okay could have better teachers other than that experience has been great and will hopefully continue to be that way.
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