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I loved the environment of the school! The teachers, the administrators, etc! Leaving high school jumping straight into college, I was ready! Heights is a very uprising supporting school with supporting staff.
I loved being at Heights! There are so many opportunities to get involved in all the sports, clubs, and organizations that the school has to offer.
Heights High School has really good and caring teachers from my experience I was able to go and talk to my teachers whenever u needed to. That also came with being a good student. The school spirit is also really good. For the most part every sport is supported by the school. They offer a ton of college credit (take advantage of that!) that u can take and the teachers who teach those classes are very well educated themselves. I will be going into college with 15 credit hours this as a freshman.
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What I liked the most about Heights was that it was a very diverse school and many different clubs and activities for different people. I liked how student involvement in school activities was encouraged. What I wished to see changed about Heights is having more teachers that want to help students have a better learning experience.
I love the atmosphere where everyone has a chance to be something. As a student, you create great bonds with the staff and student, the diversity is amazing and opens your eyes to other problems people face.
I attended Wichita Heights High School from 2015 to 2019, and it truly was the full high school experience everyone dreamed of. The administrators made sure to really take the time to get to know almost every single one of the students. The involvement with sports, and playing our rival teams, was something that everyone wanted to get involvement, specifically football season. I have met some of my life long friends attending heights high school, and I'll be grateful that they have came into my life, and watched me grow, and learn new experiences from high school. I'll never forget the times, and memories that I have created from attending Wichita Heights High School.
The learning experience was very good, but the students you are around matter because some are better people than others.
Heights high school was a great four years of my life. I grew so much as an individual throughout my time there. It is a great school full of promise and opportunities for all.
Honestly Heights isn’t the best place but there are worst schools in Wichita. At times it can get cliquey and sports oriented. If you’re not involved in sports or choir, you’re basically invisible. Heights is known as “Hollywood Heights” but it doesn’t feel like it. Aside from the students, the staff is pretty great. I have never had an issue with a teacher. They do their best to educate the students.
i enjoy the involvement of everybody through school activities. I think administration should pay more attention to the arts. Administration needs to work more on communication with the students.
I strongly believe that Heights is the best public school in Wichita. No matter who you are, what you believe in, or what you look like, there is a place for you at Heights. Height's High doesn't have cliques which are rare for 6A schools. Teachers honestly care about your success and are willing to reach out to students who are falling behind. The administration is encouraging and resourceful. Our college and career center goes above and beyond for the students that reach out to them, and the CCC reaches out to the students who don't.
The teachers at Heights are pretty nice. In my three an a half years of being a student there, I have not met a teacher that was rude, mean, or generally unpleasant. I am not involved with any sports, clubs, or music classes so I can't say anything about those. Most of the computers run on Windows 10, and quite a bit of the classrooms have Chromebooks. The only complaint I have about the computers is that the computers in my AP Chemistry class are very much obsolete now. You can't even use them unless they are charging, even then sometimes they don't work
Heights High School has left a positive impact on me over the past four years. The school provides a safe, diverse environment with friendly teachers and staff. Each teacher I have had throughout my high school career has encouraged me to excel in all areas. They give me academic advice and connect with me to ensure a positive relationship, making me feel comfortable at school and in the classrooms. Each teacher has a unique way of teaching the students curriculum in a fun and effective way. Along with supportive teachers, Heights also has very influential administrators that do an outstanding job of encouraging school spirit while also maintaining consistent order. Mr. Padgett, the Principal at Heights High School is very involved in each student's path to success. He builds relationships with every student and allows the school environment to be fun and high spirited. Without the amazing staff at Heights, my experience would not have been as positive.
Heights is a very large school and it's a melting pot. It has a vast array of classes and clubs for students to enjoy. The band and debate programs are very fun. The teacher's are very kind and helpful. The only thing I would change is the violence that occurs at the school and the trouble that occurs.
The education curriculum wasn't very challenging nor educational. Many of the necessary skills for successfully getting a job or career wasn't taught to us.
I liked that we had a lot of sports because I was a cheerleader for my 4 years there which was fun because I made a lot of friends. I enjoyed cheering on the sports teams and going to other games that I didn't cheer for. My technology encourage me so much and thought highly of me and my career. I built a friendship with staff that I felt comfortable enough to tell them If I was being bothered with.
This shows results across different races/ethnicities on English 2 test given to students once a year. Big differences may suggest that some student groups are not getting the support they need to succeed.
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I love the fine arts programs at Heights, I'm in the choir, orchestra, and drama programs there. The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. I do wish we had more of a budget to do things.
One major thing that I enjoy about Heights is how easy it is to make new friends. The school's environment is very inviting. They also offer a large amount of clubs for students to be able to join and if there is a club that hasn't been started yet, students can create the club themselves. However, one thing I feel like this school could do better would be to add more variety to the extracurricular classes.
Wichita Heights High School has a well rounded club and activity involvement. A student is allowed to be involved or encourage and create involvement in the school. Students care about grades. Teachers and staff make sure grades are a priority with a grade first strategy. The school could do better in providing more academic routes. Students would appreciate more class options and options for college.
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