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Healy-Murphy Center High School Reviews

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Great opportunity for children that are young fathers and low income families . I had given up highschool and I'm so thanksful they were so quick to accept me .
i am glad that the school existed and gave me the opportunities that most schools in the city did not
I was in a situation where I did not have a choice in which school to attend at that time because i was a pregnant teen and school was self paced. I was glad that this school did exist for someone in my situation i was never made to feel like an outcast!
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They make sure you attend the classes you need in order to graduate no more and no less.
We really don't have a super high-tech security system.
There are church- related afterschool activities that most students attend afterschool.
Being at this school has helped me tremendously in everything that I am seeking in a school.
They are very engaged with their students and do the best they can to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.
I love this school if I would of never moved here Id probably would of never graduated , and would had given up a long time ago.
we reallly do not have anything at my school
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