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What I liked most about HCA was the diversity and open culture that is has. We are a small school so everyone knew everyone and everyone helped one another. I also am grateful for the many opportunities that come with the school including eating college credits, the nursing program, the medical assistant program, and the bilingual certification.
My experience have been wonderful in this school. All the science classes are pretty interesting only if you like science. We have medical assistance program which is free. It really make us prepare for college. My habits have changed when I came to this school. It is the best school for all the students who want to pursue a career in medical field or a scientists. However if you are undecided on your goal and don't know what you want to be, I highly encourage you to join this high school and see if you like it.
Initially, I didn't want to attend that school. I'm glad I did though because if I attended anywhere else, I wouldn't have the support from my counselors and motivation to attend college. They have amazing counselors that help with scholarships and everything we need to know about college. Something I would change would be; the food, the fun activities,and field trips, and the lack of sports. This school is a challenging school so often students tend to stress out a lot. We work a lot harder than many of the schools in the district but yet we watch other high schools have fun activities. We should be awarded for our hard work.
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What health careers teaches you is how to be ready for the future. They teach you what it would be like if you wanted to be in the medical field. Since the school is small the teachers are able to spend more one on one with you. They are actually able to remember you name.
The school is a very small school. Around only 500 students that attend the school.The Teachers are very involved with the students, and care very much about their students. Academics are very prominent at this school, and the work load is kind of hard if you don't try your hardest to do well. It is very easy to fall behind at this school if you don't stay on top of your tasks. At this school you also have to take Dual-Enrollment at San Joaquin Delta College all Four Years. Overall it is a pretty amazing school and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge.
Most of the staff genuinely care about your education and are there to help you if you ever need it.
What I like about the school is that it has helped me prepare for my future by offering many medical classes like medical terminology, emergency medical services, and much more.
Health Careers Academy high school focus so much on giving the best education possible to their students, it is a school help students to get ready for college. This school is meant to help those that want to do something in the medical field to understand the science knowledge, have the opportunity to get some kind of experiences in the medical field, whether it is as a volunteer or an internship.
Health Careers Academy it feels like a second home because of the environment. The teachers are amazing and love to help in anyway possible. The principle is very interactive with the students.
What I LOVED about Health Careers Academy is the teachers, I had teachers that would give you a firm handshake before you entered the classroom. I loved the community service opportunities they give to us, the internships at St. Joseph’s hospital emergency room. I enjoyed going to tutoring center whenever I needed the extra help and how the counselors prepares us when we go off to college and/or the real world. I loved when during my sophomore year when everyone in the 2018 class had to dress professional for our mock interviews to prepare us whenever we do apply for an actual job, helping us to build our resume and cover letters. I’ve changed so much throughout my 4 years not only academically but personally. In my freshman year I was suffering from depression, I was hospitalized during my freshman year. I overcame that with the help of my counselors during my sophomore year and the following years but because of HCA I’m proud of the person I have become today.
Health Careers Academy is a great school! It offers many unique opportunities that are meant to help you with with college and career readiness. The teachers truly care about you and strive for your academic success.
My four years in HCA has allowed me to encompass PASSION. PASSION is an acronym that we live by in HCA: Professional, Academic, Strong, Service-oriented, Integrity, Optimistic, and Nurturing. I have applied PASSION in my life by taking advantage of the vast opportunities at HCA. HCA has offered plenty of opportunities whether it is the classes, teachers, extracurricular activities, or community service. Some of these classes include Medical Terminology, Intro to Health Careers, Emergency Medical Services, and PLTW courses. These classes are strongly correlated with the healthcare field. In addition to these courses, I have been exposed to medical fields through job shadowing experiences and guest speakers.
Health Careers Academy is a really great school for students pursuing a career in the medical field. You don't nessuaury have to want to be in the science or medical field, but it is overall a great school to prepare students. As it prepares you for college and teaches you about being professional and opens many Opportunites for you. Such as volunteering at Hospitals to get the feel of the environment and many courses with a science-based background. I have learned many things and have meet a lot of people who can make an impact to your life. The teachers here are great, you will get to know and built a relatioship with some teachers as they encourage you to do your best.
Health Careers Academy is a very challenging school not meant for people who merely intend to cruise through their high school career without exerting more effort than necessary. You will be forced to work hard, you will hate it, but will ultimately come out prepared and ready for college with a strong background in science. I do not recommend attending unless you are sure you want to enter a health related field, whether it be as a medical office assistant, nurse, or surgeon. You will need the desire to succeed in order to thrive in this environment. Students who lack it will be kicked out and sent back to their home school. In short, HCA is as rewarding as it is difficult.
I love how being a student at this school is like being a part of a second family. Everyone knows everyone, you are nicely greeted every morning by students and staff. You get to actually learn for the teachers truly care about their job that they would be willing to stay after school just to help you strive.
I'm now a senior at Health Careers Academy(HCA) and in a few months I'm definitely going to miss this school. This school gives plenty of opportunities for every grade level from 9th-12th. The teachers are here to help you overall in your classes and if some personal problems disturb your learning. They'll take their own time and meet up with you after school for extra help or talk to you if something bothers you, and those are a few things I like about HCA. A few things I don't like is the food which is pretty bad, no instrumental class, and small hallways . Since this school specializes in medical courses it would make sense if they also included healthy food. Also, classes that teach how to play instruments which will relax students and bigger hallways will make easier to move around and pump less into one another.
My time at Health Careers Academy, up to this point, has proven to be an experience that can be compared to no other. Believe me, I and many other students, have had my ups and downs, both physically and academically. The staff, however, does an excellent job in making sure the students remain motivated and secured. With a curriculum centered around college readiness, Health Careers Academy prepares me and and the many other students for the future to come.
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It's ight i guess. Food's ight. Teacher's ight. No comment on the administration. It's diverse i guess. Sports are basically non existant. It's a run of the mill school, the sidewalks arent made out of gold or anything.
I love Health Careers Academy (HCA), and I think that it is the best high school, not just for the future medical students, but also for anyone interested in a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. As a student for 4 years I think that that, although the classes challenge you mentally, they prepare you for your future careers and the rigorous challenge of college academics.
When I first got there they made me feel welcome. Halfway through my sophomore year I got surgery on my feet due to my Charcot Marie-Tooth. Then I came back to school with a wheelchair until I graduated. I have to say it was the best experience I could have asked for. Even though I was in a wheelchair everybody asked to help push me even the principal asked. They really made my high school experience great.
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