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My best 4 years has been in this town and schools. Teachers are good, love sports Tennis and Basketball was mine. I will miss all my friends special that we didn’t ended like I was expecting since the pandemic Covid 19
I was a really good school they have a beautful campus and the food is really good and I did enjoy the school dances they were cool. I really liked the teachers because they went through everything like the students. Like the fires and the covid-18 . However The school sprit sucks and with the amount of kids that go there is so small and I like I grew up with everyone so its really hard to meet new people and all the kids there are super clicky and everyone has a place and a group but everyone is. But I honestly wouldn't have gone anywhere else because they got me to go to college.
What I really liked about Healdsburg High School is that every time I struggled in a class like in math my teachers were always willing to offer their time after school to tutor me and help me do my homework. This school offers you many clubs that you could be part of like MAYO Club, AVID, Soroptimists club, etc. The counselors are always keeping track that you are passing all your classes and making sure that they pass out information of events like completing your FAFSA, applying for colleges and educational programs. The scholarship director of my school has been really helpful to me because she lets me know of any new scholarships I can be eligible for and the due dates. In the other hand, what I would like to see my high school improve on is the school spirit by everyone wearing the school colors (black and red) every Friday and to be a more diverse and fair environment by letting other's share their opinions.
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Healdsburg High School is a great public school most people seem to not like it because it's so tiny and doesn't have as much variety in classes but they need to comprehend that the school is small and it would be unnecessary to have so many classes. Besides that, I think it's a great place that does its job right. I liked all the classes I've taken and didn't think I needed more from them. Currently, they are creating a new gym with to levels which I think is unnecessary but cool, hopefully it turns out great. School life is also a safe environment, you never feel in danger. Overall a sweet tiny school you should go to.
We had amazing teachers that had been there forever and teachers who were hired and fired within a couple months. Several of the classes had a new teacher every year including geometry, algebra 2, and ceramics. After I left the school was renovated, though I hear that it is still amiss with its teachers. I loved my teachers, and had some good friends, but this school has a lot to work on.
Throughout my high school career at Healdsburg High School I really enjoyed the staff members we have. From teachers to the janitors they are all amazing people and truly care for each student here. I like how the teachers always go a step further to try to help students the most they possibly can. A change I'd like to see at my school is possibly the food in the cafeteria. Although it has improved throughout the years I believe it could be better.
The school is fantastic. The teachers are interesting and innovative. The new campus is fantastic and includes a brand new STEM building and a new gym. I am extremely disappointed with our school's arts program, though in the future it is set to improve.
I love Healdsburg High's agriculture program and its small size, which allows students to really get to know each other and make bonds within their graduating classes. I also have enjoyed my experience being involved with Healdsburg High's sports program. My only complaint would be that it isn't an open district, but I understand the complications around making it one and how they are working on making it one in the future.
I liked the new science building. I would give sports more attention because I think the athletes deserve it.
I really like all the class options considering we are a small school. It ranges from culinary to engineering to ceramics. We also have AP's for students like myself to challenge ourselves. Something I would like to see change is that more students feel comfortable to ask for help during college applications and scholarships. Being more informed about these things would be very helpful. If it wasn't for AVID and other programs I am in I don't think I would know what I know.
Academic wise Healdsburg High School is a great school to go to. Although it would be nice to have access to more facilities. Still, it has plenty of student body interaction. Students are able to have fun during those events.
I have lived in Healdsburg my whole life, my parents when to HHS and since then many things have changed, some for the better, others not so much in my opinion. However my experience at HHS has been great. Although there will always be things in any school that could be better, HHS will always be my high school. They have done a great job updating the facilities and adding new buildings and departments broadening all our horizons. I still wish the food was better and that some new rules were looked into and possibly changed. An increase in student input in all aspects would also not only make many of us happy but allow for a better HHS.
It's a great school with many resources and programs towards success. With that being said there are parts of the school that lack success. The school's language department lacks diversity, the French program failed which was disappointing now we only have Spanish. All of the math teachers that I have had were terrible and I learned the very minimal. The administration is also all over the place which makes it frustrating for us students. Overall it is a great school with a safe environment and diversity and lots of student opinion.
My overall experience at healdburg high was good. However, school spirit was somewhat lacking and the food could have included a wider range to fit more dietary needs.
The One thing I truly enjoyed about my high school experience was the English department, this includes the Teachers and curriculum. I felt as though I learned so much in all of my English classes and my teachers were very passionate about teaching that it positively affected the way we learned and perceived the material being taught.
My experience at Healdsburg High School was neat and I learned a lot. I took as much AP courses as I can. I was able to get decent grades. I like that Healdsburg High School is a small school because it is a calm and relaxing environment. Something that should be changed would be the cafeteria food or have the campus become an open campus.
The English and History departments here are amazing, however, Math and Science has been somewhat lacking during the past couple years. I love going to school here and I feel safe. It is a great atmosphere to grow up in.
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The student body has generally been awful, but the teachers are amazing and make it worth it. I experienced bullying all four of my years at the school, but the teachers were always there to support me.
My experience at Healdsburg High was great. Four years of High School went by fast and the teachers are great. It's a very diverse school so you will never be left out. The school spirit is amazing and the football games are always fun. The food is very healthy and fresh and there is even a salad bar! My favorite place on campus is the grove where you can sit under the redwood trees to study or eat lunch.
for students specifically focusing and taking advance math and science courses it is the best. im in my junior year in college as a physics major and i have not had better teachers than i did while in high school. the lower math and science teachers are still average, but could be better in keeping the students engaged. the liberal arts :( teachers are average with the rest of the county.
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