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H.C. Carleston Elementary School Reviews

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There was a good amount of help that they offered.
I loved the P.E. games we would play outside and for field day.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond. They work hard to make sure that there kids are getting everything they need, They provide extra tutoring for those who need it and they often catch students that have other developmental delays and make sure that they are taken care of. Most of them are well organized. They know how to engage the students. Unfortunately they also have extra work due to policies like filling out the weekly conduct forms which to be honest most parents don't even read. Someone may have thought it was a good idea, but its just extra busy work for the already overworked teacher.
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Parents are not encouraged to come in and help in the classroom. They are not allowed to help with tutoring. Parents can not even correct a misbehaving child. For example, if there is a child who is touching another kids lunch, you must report it to a person who works within the school to correct it. Just in case you say it in a "mean" tone and the child feels that you are picking on them. They will tell their parents and the parents will always side with their kid.
The school building is an old one which will soon be renovated and remodeled. The classrooms are small as are the bathrooms. They have a lot of support staff who help out with tutoring during the day. After school the teachers hold tutoring for those who need it most and are able to attend. The district has recently updated the technology in all of the schools. I wish that parents could be more involved, but as the years go by it seems that parents are excluded more and more. Even the PTA seems to becoming obsolete. Whether or not this do to district policy or just the school is unknown. Parking is a nightmare and it will only get worse as the once empty lot across the street is now under construction for the new fire station. However, this might be remedied once the school has had it's renovation.
The Art teacher not only teaches them through art projects, she also teaches them the history of art as well as different artists and art techniques. The music teacher has introduced and taught the kids several different instruments. He has also exposed them to several different types of music.
They teach art, computer, music and PE. The music teacher teaches the kids the accordion. It;s the only elementary that does this. It's a dual language school. It's still a new program but within the next 3 years it will be in all of the grade levels. The downside is that not everyone qualifies to be in it. The librarian is wonderful. She has been working hard making the school have a culture of reading. She is also growing the Spanish library selection to meet the demand that will come from the dual language kids. Yea readers! I hate the cafeteria experience. It's almost like a prison. The kids have to sit so quite and still for their 30 minute lunches. The whole class is punished if only a few kids act out. They are usually punished with their recess taken away, which is what these kids need most.
There are security measures put in place by the district; keeping all but one door locked, having everyone sign in, a security guard roaming the campus. It's not the best because it is an older school so there is the possibility of a breach, but the school will soon have a major renovation which will take care of this problem. I have heard of bullying, but I have heard that in those cases action was taken to prevent it happening again. They have a great community in schools coordinator who has done a lot in promoting healthy living to the parents. They offer classes several times a month everything from general nutrition to dental care.
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