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Hazelwood West High School Reviews

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Hazelwood west was a good high school overall, the teachers and staff are very nice and i enjoyed my time there.
I’ve been going to this school for 3 years now. It is way better than my last school(Riverview Gardens High School). I love how accepting the school is general, there is so much diversity in color and culture.
Academically , we are a good school , but when it comes to the overall school it’s just ok. I would like to see change as far as teachers !
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My experience at Hazelwood West High School has been amazing. The staff there are amazing. From the teachers who are willing to help you pursue your future career. Hazelwood West is the best school because it is very diverse with different students from different backgrounds. At West, the different classes you can take in the path of your career is what West promotes for students to do. I also like how that West allows you to choose to go to North Tech, which students go for half a day either in the morning or afternoon. This is where students go take classes for nursing, cosmetology, wood and construction, and etc.
They did a good job of keeping the school clean and trying to make the school a safe place. When a problem occurs they do everything in their best power to make things right.
Pretty good school but, like any other, it has its flaws: diversity, food, administration, and overall atmosphere of the school.
I’ve been going to Hazelwood West since freshman year and I think the school has good diversity and the teachers are good at being involved with the students . But one thing they can do better is have better lunchs for the students .
Hazelwood West is an overall good school, they offer some good programs such as health occupation for students thinking of joining the medical field. This program pushed me to the major I have in college "Nursing". The teachers are really nice and the majority of them truly wanna help students become better.
I really connected with a few of my teachers and made the best of my experience there by taking AP course that really prepared me for college.
This was a pretty good school compared to most others. As far as diversity goes, your good; HWHS is one of the most diverse schools in the Hazelwood School District. It is also one of the best, if not the best. This school does share mostly liberal views which makes it a good place for minorities of all types, and there's a pretty wide range of school activities to participate in if you want to be involved. The school also offers quite a few Advanced Placement courses which is really great if you're planning to attend college.
The principal is a very respectable man and has the students respect. There are a lot of good teachers that worked hard to help my two daughters that went there. Some teachers did not push hard enough for my more academically inclined daughter. I believe the science dept. received funds for special science technology. Good sports and extra curricular activities. My daughter feels safe going there and has a good set of friends.
The school was a good social experience and the teachers are rather good for a public school in my opinion but the material we were able to cover was slightly lacking and i felt unprepared coming to college.
I liked that my teachers and supervisors really cared about me and did all that they could to help me succeed. I did not like that some students did not have the will to learn and interrupted my learning.
Hazelwood west high school is a good school for its area. However compared to others it can be way better. As a graduate I have noticed the lack of education I have received. The academic can be way better. I was not very college ready after going to Hazelwood west high. The sports were half decent funding was very bias for the sports that got most attention. The diversity in the school was very well to my opinion, many people of different backgrounds. I was able to surrounded by many different types of people who built me as a person. The school had a lack of safety. Through out my years there I had been involved in many scary situations where I thought my life could be at risk. But the school overall isn’t the worst but also isn’t the best.
I really liked how diverse Hazelwood West was. All of the teachers that I had were extremely nice, and knew what they were doing. The school has left a great impact on my life. I really like the school sport team because west have good sport player
Great teachers but more is needed in college counseling and getting important information to Seniors about scholarships, etc.
I really like the diversity here. There’s many different class options I can pick from. The problem is the crowded hallways during passing period and the 5 minute passing periods
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What I liked about Hazelwood West was definitely the diversity. The school was not biased at all. The environment was welcoming and adaptable. I never had any real issues with the school. every school has its downsides of course, but there were never any major issues and if there were, the school took action immediately to make sure no students were harmed.
I really like the diversity of Hazelwood West and you really do get a good education. I wish that the administrators were better, and that the food would be consumable, but my education comes first.
Although I love the diversity and overall energy at Hazelwood West I would like to see the population be a little smaller.
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