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Haynes Bridge Middle School Reviews

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I was extremely bullied when I went here 10 years ago. no one did anything about it and a teacher even joined the students in bullying me. My grades were horrible and the teachers didn’t take the time to explain anything when I asked for help. Plus the classes were boring and the staff was to rude. Those memories never fade.
The teachers and staff are super nice and always willing to help and be involved. Overall it was a good school and I had no problems with it.
The school isn’t terrible(like some people will say), especially if you’re in higher level classes. You should find friends and most teachers are okay and some are really cool. It’s not the best but I had a lot of good times there(but I’m glad to have moved on with my life)
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Not the worst but not the best middle school due to lack of a diverse amount of classes or clubs. Most looked forward to getting out.
My overall experience at Haynes Bridge was exemplar. It was a very diverse school, so I was able to interact with people of many different ethnicities an cultural backgrounds. Also, all of the teachers helped their students because they wanted us to succeed. It felt like one big family since it was a small school. I am grafteful for everything that it helped me learn and how it prepares me for high school.
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