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I am a junior at HMSA so I have an overall good understanding of the school. I really appreciate the efforts of the teachers to help out their students. The close knit community is advantageous. I also feel like the school really prepares you for college- even though it seems tough at times. However, I would like to see more extracurriculars or clubs offered in HMSA since the ones we have are more broad. Also there aren't many school spirit related events.
Hawthorne Math and Science Academy is a school that prepares students for college. It is a school that pushes students to be better students. This school makes students become aware of all the opportunities there are for their future.
It is a great place to better your education. HMSA does things that actually get you prepared for college. It's a small school so everyone is really friendly.
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HMSA is an ideal school if you are aiming for a STEM major. The course variety is limited compared to other schools; if you are interested in taking music, culinary arts, psychology, or other electives, this is not the school for you. They are very strict in regards to policy to the point where it is nitpicky and vacuous. It's almost like kindergarten: they'll call your parents if you don't bring a pencil. Most students here learn how to not get caught rather than to not cheat. However, they are great at enforcing the A-G requirements. It is a small school, so everyone knows each other which is great, but it also means word gets around fast. The kids are not "nerdy" but instead ignorant and cocky. That doesn't account for all though. Most kids will be willing to help you with anything if you ask the right person. A lot of the teachers are great, but some are unreasonable, stubborn, or do not have a "learning environment." They take care of mentally ill students if you're bad enough.
In middle school I was a straight A student, after attending this school I went to B’s and C’s. This school is very grueling and tiring mentally and physically. You will love some of the Staff and you will not like the rest. Log entries are a big thing here and they will send you out for anything and everything sometimes even for their own mistakes. If you can go through this on the daily basis you will be fine. I will say though, I had panic attacks and mental breakdowns a lot because of the workload and staff.
This school really prepares you for college. I don’t think there’s a school that trains you more for college classes than this one. The only gripe is the log entry system they have in place. It’s useless and just wastes class time.
I enjoyed the academic rigor that the school offered. The experiences greatly prepared me for college. The only problem that I experienced with my 4 years on the campus is the lack of activities. The school had a mandatory dress code that was not fulfilling in any way. There was no way to express yourself as an individual. Additionally, the school lacked strong energy in its sports program.
I enjoy how diverse the school is and how there are several resources for students. I do wish the school had a gym so students wouldn’t run to the nearby park to do their physical activities, but Not going lie, running to the park helps with conditioning if you are in a sport. They have several sports and like how they treat their athletes to fast food occasionally after a game. The school mainly focuses on Math and Science, they have fantastic clubs like Mesa and Stem, they have an environmental club and medical club. High recommend this high school.
I went to HMSA from 2014-2018. My overall experience was good. I feel like it definitely got me ready for college. When I started college, I didn't feel it tough, it was like I was still at HMSA but a bit easier and more liberal.
Hawthorne Math & Science Academy is a small and diverse high school community. The small campus helps students obtain one-on-one help with their teachers to make sure they succeed in the future.
Most of the teachers are cool people and they really care about their students. If you take time to build a relationship with them and ask them things, they'll always be willing to help.
Hawthorne Math and Science Academy is quite diverse. They focus on reaching a student's highest ability the best they can. Although many students seem to worry whether they will be written up for the simples things. I think this is a good school that balances out a student's free time and their education, but they could work on their punishment frequency.
This is a great school if you want to prepare yourself after high school. All four years of HMSA will help you stand out when you're applying to your colleges and careers.
In my experience Hawthorne Maths and Science academy is a decent school with decent ranking. The school provides you with all the help that a student requires and prepares you for the college life and for the difficulties we might face in college and how to face them. The teachers push you to do your best and show the best attitude towards your academics. Our sports is not the best but it’s fun, I mean like really fun, we might win that much or at all but we enjoy playing, we get to be with our friends and with coaches that treat you like no other and be like any other friend. Our school culture is also really popular and we have traditions and an event that everyone prepares for, Multicultural, it’s so much fun and we get to learn about other cultures. I wouldn’t request any changes but just a gym would be nice.
I attended this high school from 2013-2017. Overall my experience was good, I made friends and discovered my passion for majoring in STEM, because of strong foundations that were built here. Their disciplinary system played a role in my college readiness. I would encourage to keep it, but advise to tone it down when it comes to less important subjects such as PE. Their PE requirements were tough because of the state California fitness exam. I think they should train students, but not push them to their limits for physical education. I also wish there was more diversity in the elective courses offered to juniors and seniors. Introducing college-level GE classes, that could possibly be taught after school would be another suggestion I would give for improvement. I also believe that students should be exposed to more jobs in the STEM field since that is the purpose of the academy. Forming career goals early on, lead students to navigate their time through university easier.
Yes, this is a hard school but it prepares you for college-level coursework. College is incredibly easy and I didn't do amazing at HMSA but I am doing amazing in College/University. I got into my dream school!
HMSA is the worst school I have ever attended, they work their students down to their core. The counselors told me I had low self-esteem because I was struggling with my classes. They pride themselves on getting their students college-ready but most graduates have to go to community college because of the classes they failed while attending the school. The school also kicks out students who don't look like they're going to graduate so that their graduation rate doesn't drop. The teachers didn't provide help to raise your grade, it was awful.
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HMSA is a well known school for achieving high acedemics. However, although we are such greate scholars doesn't mean our school is as great as it seems. Punishment is something that is constanly with us. Sometimes it seems like we can for get something or be late or else we get written up. How does that teach is about the real world? Is it okay to make mistakes? Also, mental health is a big issues. So many students seem down. Finally, sports aren't given the recongition they deserve. Soccer and volleyball share the same uniforms. We have no sort of field on our school and no serious sports training.
The school's rigorous curriculum enables me to visual see my college readiness. Various teachers instill respect and humility in students. The school continuously allows me to progress when I reach educational roadblocks. The school provides tutoring and one-on- one mentor ship for students to achieve their maximum potential. I have personally been challenge in this school. It has pushed me to achieve my goals. This school has taken quit out of my vocabulary but has replaced it phrase like “I can try harder” and “ I can do better next time.'' My attendance at the school has not been an easy feat. I am constantly being challenged which has enabled me to truly see my strength in difficult endeavors.
Hawthorne math and science academy is great for preparing you for college. They set great common core beliefs. They make the material hard, but provides the resources for tutoring. There are also great clubs and sports to do in school to balance your school and daily life. They have sports such as volleyball that I play in to get away from school work. The teachers here are very nice and supporting in all the things we do. They help us along the four years we are here to help us get into college. The students here are very tight net. We develop a bond that is closer than other public schools because we are such a small school.
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