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Overall, this is just a very small and close knitted school. So, with that comes challenges, but also some decent perks. With my experience at this school I have noticed great involvement with the teachers whos main job is being a teacher. These teachers show enjoyment in their classes, and have more time with the students and pretty much more understanding of what will work best for their students. Versus the teachers who are also coaches, these particular teachers show less involvement and more base their teaching off of a textbook. In this school system they care a lot for their students, but with the smaller number of students money is tight and old ways die hard here. I would love to see improvement by starting funds, bake sales, etc.. so the teachers have more opportunities to go out and achieve a diverse teaching system, as well as just trying to hire more teachers, so students have more than one counselor they can turn to, especially if one is unavailable.
The very tight knit community makes you feel at home 24/7. Kids become lifelong friends and family within a year.
It was a good small community that I grew up in. I started attending Hawley in kindergarten and ended up graduating there. I knew everyone, and it felt like we were family. I really had a good experience at this school when I was there.
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I loved attending Hawley High School. It's a small town community overshadowed by a medium sized city to the south.
This school is one of the worst I've ever seen. The students are overly-religious nutjobs,the teachers refuse to teach the correct curriculum,and no one there is really prepared for the real world. They almost all go to the same 4 colleges,with near 100% acceptance rates,and end up coming back to the town. I urge you to never come to this school,or you'll regret it.
Small school which helps with more attention and help for individual students, but lacks a variety of courses that larger schools have.
The workload is not that bad, however, if you are an underclassmen, it can be quite challenging. There is a lot more work to do.
The social scene at Hawley High School is overall relaxed. No one is really bullied or messed with. People are usually welcoming and friendly as a whole.
The school is overall secure, but there is not much worry about crime in the area.
Sports are very competitive and other extracurricular activities are fun and involved
The parents care about the students and want the best for them.
They care about the students and try to help them all succeed. They are all also very understanding.
This is not just a school, it is a family. When you walk into any event you have numerous smiling faces ready to talk to you. It could be your math teacher, your friends, or even one of your classmates parents. At Hawley, it is not about going to school, it is about becoming a community.
You can tell how dedicated every teacher is at Hawley High School. Whether it is coming before or after school to help the students who are behind, or if it is how they connect with every student.
pretty good school but to many people in other people business
The drama is over the top sometimes mostly because everyone knows everyone. I do like that it is a small school though. The principal and some of the teachers are very nice. You build a really good relationship with the teachers and that is something I love. They know you for who you are and help when it is needed.
My overall experience of this school is poor. Every person knows personal things about you. Because the school is so small, your business spreads quickly. People also judge very harshly at this school. If your ethnicity or belief is different from the majority, you're considered an outsider and people will judge you behind your back. Even though this is a public school, they still somehow manage to force religion onto others without their consent. The teachers, however, are very friendly. They want to see their students succeed, so you form personal relationships with them. They will give a student every opportunity to pass their class and make a good grade. They are more than willing to go out of their way to help the students.
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I have gone to this school ever since I was four and have absolutely loved it! The teachers are so helpful and are always willing to stay before or after school to help you out. At bigger schools usually people only play 1 sport, but at Hawley you can play every sport and usually get a lot of playing time. I love how everyone is friendly and the community gets so involved in everything. Every Friday night the town is silent, because everyone is at the High School football game. I couldn't image going anywhere else and I wouldn't not want it any other way. Although I have never experienced a big school, I still know I wouldn't like it better.
I love my school because it is the perfect size, everyone knows everyone and all the teachers know all the students. Its a great environment, everyone is close, and there isn't a lot of bullying as much as there might be at bigger schools. I would choose to come here again because at a bigger school I wouldn't be able to play all the sports I do and be in student council and be a cheer captain. All the opportunities I have at this small school I wouldn't have at a bigger school.
I really have liked going to school here. The people are great, it's just a small school, so sometimes it'd be nice to see fresh new faces
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