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Hawaii Technology Academy Public Charter School Reviews

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I went to this school because public school system was hard for me. Going here changed my life. I wasn't bullied, kids were all here because they didn't feel safe in public schools. The teachers changed me. They wanted to be there, they were always willing to help and build relationships with their students.
Hawaii Technological Academy is a good verse learning environment. HTA offers its students many different ways to learn including, online learning, face-to-face learning, virtual learning and many more. Since HTA is such a small school it makes it easier for a student to make friends and get to know their teachers. If a student is falling behind then a teacher will require them to come in and makeup assignments that they have either missed or gotten a bad grade on. Since I have been a student at HTA (Staring my junior year and just now in my senior year,) I feel like I am able to open up more and keep up my grades due to all the resources that HTA offers.
Hawaii Technology Academy is like no other school. They really take their students and truly prepare them with internships and other programs that help students get an understanding of what they're interest is in life. Not only that but these internships and programs help students develop the necessary skills that they would use in the future.
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Hawaii Technology is a school of excellence, it allows students to have a schedule that is very similar to a college experience. Students meet twice a week physically in the school, with one virtual learning day, and two individual work days. This type of schooling gives more freedom to move at an individual pace and get plenty of help and support from teachers when needed. I haven't had a single teacher that's given me problems or made obstacles difficult for me, this is reflective of the enriched environment in which HTA maintains. I highly recommend this school for athletes who would like to be able to endeavor more in independent training. This school has a variety of resources and everyone there truly cares about you and your learning!
I attended other schools before Hawaii
Tech. I found this one to be the most focused on preparing students for college, and teaching kids to be driven and ambitious in education. I believe, without attending here, I may not have enjoyed school, or graduated. I give this school an A+ for academics, an A+ for great teachers and staff, and I would recommend this school to any parent who may consider it for their own children.

Before I attended Hawaii Tech, I struggled with regular public schools, and all the cliche situations you hear about in schools. Once I transferred, I remember feeling more relaxed, and more confident. this school helped me get ready for college, and I am now enrolled to become a Radiology Tech.
In my experience, the teachers are great and truly show that they care about your academics. The Schedule is great(high school only two days a week required). There are many opportunities to receive extra help and retake assignments for a better grade. Sports are played for your district high school. There are many clubs and National Honor Society. The courses can be considered tough because of the online aspects and the workload (one year of classes in one semester) but, if you stay on track with your work and don't fall behind, you would do fine. In my opinion, HTA has many aspects similar to college and is a great FREE college prep like school.
I liked my high school because I was able to get help from all my teachers and admin and got to graduate early. I was able to not only get help in picking what school and my pathway but i got to enroll in college a year early. If I could change something it would be to have a bigger campus or multiple campuses around the island for easy access
I have been going to Hawaii Technology Academy for only a year, but it has been the best school I have ever attended. The teachers are all dedicated to the students and provide curriculum that is both challenging, but fun and I have learned a insane amount in my one year. This school also allows for students that are wanting to pursue things outside of school the time to do so.
I really enjoy attending Hawaii Technology Academy. For the most part, teachers are helpful and available to students. The environment is comfortable and friendly. I enjoy the flexible schedule. However, if the student is not self-motivated, this school is not for them. Almost everything is independent which works for me but can be a struggle for others.
Hawaii Technology Academy is a great public charter school. This particular school is very unique in the state of Hawai'i and it is very similar to college, so it's a great school to prep your high schoolers for college. Hawaii Technology Academy is unique in that its students do not attend school every single day like other public, private, and charter schools in Hawai'i. With their blended education learning system, students have set days to attend school. For example, high schoolers attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays while elementary students attend school on Wednesdays. One thing that Hawaii Technology Academy can approve upon is the amount of space the school has. Hawaii Technology Academy is a growing school and their enrollment doubled at one point while I attended the school, so the space itself was hard to move and work around in.
I go to HTA on Kauai, and it's the perfect school for me. It's fitted to best prepare you for college environments, with a blend of virtual and F2F learning. You have to be very self driven, but you're never left feeling like your on your own. I wouldn't change anything about it.
I have been attending HTA for 2 years now. I love the blended-learning curriculum, although I wish there were more subject and sustenance to our learning. At HTA we focus on building 5 Core values: Character, Communication, Collaboration, CriticalThinking, and Creativity.
Hawaii technology is overall a very good school. The teachers are eager to be involved in our educations and are extremely helpful when it comes to preparing for college. As a senior, my schedule is not very busy so I am not on campus often but regardless, my teachers are so helpful and understanding. I can tell that they truly care about my education which encourages me to be more passionate about it myself.
I love the independent learning that is promoted by the program, and it feels that there is a lot of focus on the individual in comparison to public schooling. However, on the days that students attend school, it gets crowded very quickly; to seek a larger campus area would be convenient.
I have been able to work independently which has helped me prepare for college. This school also allowed me to graduate early and start my solo life.
This was one of the best schools I had ever attended. Not only are the teachers there amazing at their jobs, but they honestly care about their students. They do everything that can to make sure you succeed. To top all of that off Hawaii Technology Academy is new and innovative. It pushes the boundaries of what schooling is. You get out in the world and you learn. HTA expands your horizons and your mind so much, to the point where even those adamantly against learning are happy to be in school. Another benefit of HTA is just how much it allowed me to grow as a person. I was able to explore who I was and what I wanted to do by actually doing things I was interested in. All while my teachers supported me without question.
While attending Hawaii Technology Academy, I've noticed there is an expectation to be independent which can be intimidating. But, a strength in this school is the care each staff member has for each student. Though the expectation of being independent is there, you are not entirely alone. Teachers and staff are welcome to any questions, or concerns and are open to talking with you about it. I've, personally, been very adamant that I must do everything on my own, but knowing I can reach out to my teachers for feedback or questions really made that intimidating aspect of working independently less scary. It also helps and trains you on working on your own and how to organize your days which is a useful trait. When communicating with my teachers- both, via in person or email- they helped clear up any confusions I had and were willing to talk with me further on the subject if I still had difficulty understanding. This school has a welcoming heart to it.
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I love going to HTA. People here are very friendly and accepting for the most part. The only issue I’ve ever encountered was staff members being too strict or nosy. However, the staff members I’ve seen do this has been very few (only a couple or so).
Hawaii technology academy was a great school. It is such a new and unique learning experience and I learned a lot from it. It really holds students accountable for their own work while giving them the resources they need to complete it. I feel no other school could have prepared me for college in the same way!
The school focuses on best student performance, and each staff member cares deeply about the success of each student. I transferred from Public school last year and didn't look back at all. Everyone is cooperating, helpful, and friendly.
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