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Hattie B. Stokes Elementary School Reviews

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The education quality isn't great, but it could be worse.
The school facilities are fantastic. They have some great technology available to them. The busing could use some help but I don't blame the individual school for that. This is a corporation wide problem. They will not accommodate a student with two homes. You are only allowed one pick up and drop off location period. This is very challenging since this schoolhappens to house the poorest students in town and it is against school policy for any student to walk.
One policy they have basically forces parents to stay OUT of the school for the first month. This to me starts the year off on the wrong foot and makes me suspicious. The couple times I've tried to contact the principal or vice principal over theuyears my children have been through this school, I've never been deemed important enough to talk to and have been dismissed (after all they are at grade level or above and not a discipline issue). I've never heard that they have a guidance counselor, but seems like that could solve a lot of the bullying problems. The dress code policy is only enforced with certain students. The office staff however is always friendly and informed.
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It's a challenge to get to know the teachers. If you're not selected for the conferences and your student is doing well there's no real opportunity to meet with them. They are all open to communication via email but it is very monitored. Grades are never posted on the website and I'm not lucky enough to have a student who brings things home. This makes it difficult to be involved as a parent.
If I could do it all over again, this would not be my school of choice. It looks good from the outside but unless you have a student that has special needs this is not the school for you. Students operating at or above grade level are over looked and passed over, unless they cause a discipline threat. The administration seems fake and distant. I feel they should utilize their website in a more proficient way to keep parents involved.
I feel they could improve in this area. Most opportunities are only offered to the older students.
I have never felt my student was in danger.
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