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In the 4 years that I attended Harvest Preparatory School, I developed a love/hate relationship with Harvest Prep. The primary issue I had was with the the favoritism the administration showed to the basketball and football players and to the World Harvest Church Attendees. They were always given the best treatment and best opportunities, while those who were obedient, straight-A students got nothing. But it wasn't all bad. Everyone that attends Harvest Prep is relatively kind and I was able to be around more people of color than I had ever been previously. It was at HPS where I really came out of my shell so I am extremely thankful to them for that.
It is a good school overall. You learn about God and many Christian values. You become closer to God. I really don’t know what I’ll like to change. Maybe I’ll like the food to better but apart from that, that’s it.
What i liked at harvest prep, was that it's such a diverse school, everybody's your buddy. The teachers are great and the learning environments are average.
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The guidance counselor. She is wonderful and care for each and every student. I dont like the teachers, they are not InControl of their class so the students that want to learn suffers. Their will place your student in detention for not wearing a belt or the correct jacket.
Harvest Prep is a christian based environment where every Friday we can go and praise together. Once or Twice a year we have spiritual week where for an hour or two each day that week we have praise and worship. Sometimes the preaching can be so powerful we can be down there for up to 5 hours.
The environment is excepting. We don't judge people based on who they are. At this school everyone can be themselves.
My experience at Harvest Preparatory school has been exceptional thus providing me with both the spiritual and academic tools needed to excel in college. The Administration staff, and teacher are a great group of people who helped mold me into the person I’ve become. If I could change one thing about my experience it would be the teacher to student ratio. The school population has increased which has impacted the personal attentive needed by most students to be successful.
The teachers and principal are very invested in my child's well being. I appreciate the spiritual emphasis and Christian teachings. The school motivates my son in his relationship with God. The basketball and football team have excelled in their division.

Academically, I have the inclination the school is sub-par and on level with public schools. My son maintains honor roll with ease and states the work is easier than his prior public school. His prior school has a D grade rating. While the school excels athletically, it is my belief the coaches intentionally exclude more challenging teams in their schedule. The football and basketball team routinely won by 30 points or more. I'm not sure what the coaches are teaching by excluding challenging teams or how this will help the students on a collegiate level. There
I have been at Harvest Preparatory School since preschool. This school is focused on raising the standard academically and spiritually. this staff and administration care for every student and parent that steps foot in the establishment. overall harvest preparatory school is a great place to send intellegent, respectful children.
Harvest Prep is a small private school that puts alot of focus on sports. If you are looking for a good basketball or football schoo, then that is where you should go. They have a great college preparation program because they run on 80 minute blocks. This allows one to get the feel of college schedules. The one think that I don't like is that because of the block scheduling, it is hard to take college courses on onsite. If you enroll in college courseswhile in High school, you must do them online. I would also like to see them get a partnership with a career center like the public schools, so that students may earn certificates in different programs such as cosmetology or Auto machanics, and more. College is not for everyone, so a trade would be a great alternative.
The majority of the staff was nice, but there wasn't enough academic opportunities for students. In the eyes of the school, you are either an athlete or just another student.
Harvest Preparatory School is a pretty good school. It is a private school, a Christian based atmosphere.They need to add more activities and the school really doesn't have much school spirit as they did in the past years. The teachers could be way better ,but we work with what we have and try to get the best learning experience . There are good opportunities here at this school as well, different programs that help the community or build leadership even.
HPS is what?! Red Hot! HPS is a Pentecostal Christian school in Canal Winchester, Ohio. The HPS, staff, students, and Pastor are great family oriented people where your child is fostered and educated by loving God fearing people. The academics are above standard and the children have high Testing scores. The athletes are well rounded and the football team has advanced to the post games three consequetive years.
Program are still developing but basketball gets the most sponsors
No issues I'm aware of
I would love to see more extracurricular activities introduced to the school. I would love to see technology continue to advance. More financial donors to take the school to the next level by investing in kids futures.
Teachers are knowledgeable and they teach in the way to prepare students for life and continued education. Teachers push students to do more than capabilities in order to get true potential
The school was okay. They didn't hold up to a lot of there standards and would make rules that either didn't apply to anything or would not abide by or stick to them. There was a lot of favoritism to students who played winning sports which left a lot of the other student in the dark.
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This school may look promising but coming from a top public school in Columbus my grades and availability of challenging courses dropped heavily. The teachers in upper school (9-12) were in & out, some were secretaries, coaches, and other faculty pushed to be teachers & unqualified. There was no extracurriculars except sports so when I applied for college all I could rely on was my outside experience and volunteering. The church tied to the school is a BIG part of the school. Plenty of favoritism was given toward the students who were church members/students & well known or having been there since elementary. As an incoming grant student a lot of students similar to me were not treated the same & often felt uncomfortable. By the time I graduated my class went from 75 to 34 students & the lucky ones (expelled, or otherwise) who did get to leave were primarily grant students from the public schools. I overall did not feel prepared for college in ANY way coming to this school. Thankfully I had a higher education driven family who had me in clubs, organizations, and academic programs outside of high school. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone.
Before i came here i thought i would hate it, but after i got use to the atmosphere and how things work, my interest in the school increased. the teachers here are great and wiiling to do their job and help us academically and personally. Overall this school is great.
the teachers are ok there are some teachers you don't like the normal. overall we have a goo teacher staff that care about the students
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