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Harvest is an incredible school! The teachers, staff, and kids are family! Not only academic rigor, but everything is taught with a Biblical world-view. HCA has been a huge blessing to our family! #YouBelongHere
The students are very nice, I feel comfortable even though I’m not friends with them all. The size of the building is also pretty good, and the food is good.
Competence, character and calling is part of Harvest Christian Academy’s mission statement. HCA provides a loving, safe environment for students.
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This school means so much to me. HCA prepared me for college and life. The teachers truly care about your success in academics, extracurriculars, and your relationship with Christ. The people are genuine. The academics are outstanding, and there are tons of opportunities to get involved in different clubs and sports! Thank you, HCA!
HCA is a small school that offers students every opportunity to succeed in a variety of areas such as Fine Arts, Athletics, and Academics. The school culture is very accepting and inclusive. Very impressive student body that will be prepared for life!
The culture at HCA is so different from other schools in the area. Students care about each other. Teachers care about each student. Everybody can be a somebody here! It is nice to know other people have your back when times are tough. Also, there are so many opportunities in the arts, athletics, academics, and other student clubs! They want you to succeed in whatever interests you. it is an amazing school!
Our kids have been at Harvest in the preschool program for the last four years. We absolutely love it here! The staff has been wonderful and we've been blessed with teachers that genuinely love our little ones. They pour Jesus into our kids whenever possible and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience here!
Early Education Teachers are mature, kind and compassionate. They truly love your child. Administrators are also very warm and welcoming, knowing each parent by name and family. My child has really enjoyed his time with HCA - his teacher and the other children. He looks forward to "school" (pre-k) each day!
A Christ-centered school where were not just a faculty, a staff, and students...we're a family.

If you are looking for a school that fully supports not just your child but your family than HCA is where you belong! HCA encourages your child in their faith, through Kingdom education in academics, athletics, fine arts and activities.
HCA is a very genuine Christain school. There are no perfect schools. However, the passion and investment in each student is amazing.
I’ve been at Harvest for almost a decade now. I have tons of really close friends, and the student body as a whole is very close knit. The teachers are great and genuinely want you to succeed. They will help you whenever and in anyway they can. I’ve really enjoyed my time there.
It was very helpful in preparing me for college courses as well as future classes. It has a fantastic curriculum and is ahead of many public schools. The teachers here are great although time spent on hiring teachers could be better used as since the school has recently been hiring mediocre teachers.
Harvest Christian Academy is an amazing private school! It gave me the opportunity to excel in academics and athletics. The faculty and staff care about the students and work hard to see them succeed.
I liked the atmosphere at Harvest. The teachers really acred about the students and made an effort to be involved outside of the classroom. I wish i could see an improvment in the athletic department. I wish there could be more financial support for the athletic department.
No accountability or integrity at this school. It's a small school, and has a hard time retaining students and staff in the middle school and highschool levels. I would not consider this a good school for college prep readiness.
Coming to Harvest for my freshman year of high school I was so nervous and worried that it would not be a good fit for me. But, I was wrong, I was welcomed into a Christ centered environment with open arms, I was gladly welcomed by the students and teachers to become part of the HCA family, and grow my relationship with Christ along the way. I come and say all this not to brag about my school but what my school has done for me. By opening me up to new opportunities that have broadened my horizons and achieve long lasting memories with my friend and teachers at HCA. But, like every school you always have your up and downs mine may be different from others but it's still the school that I call my home, that I will graduate from with every kid in my class, and the place that gives me hope when I'm done on. It's my home.
Harvest Christian Academy provided an all around acceptable high school experience for myself and all other involved students. The teachers are kind and well trained. They seem educated enough in their perspective fields. The student body is respectful for the most part though students can often give off an heir of snobbery. The facilities are comfortable, though the cafeteria and some of the restrooms are in dire need of update. Christianity is incorporated into most aspects of the curriculum, so if religion is offensive to you, this will not be a good fit.
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Fantastic experience at HCA. Warm, friendly, knowledgeable staff and educators. Kingdom education which is bible based and lifts up the students while holding them accountable. Highly recommend this school.
Great school community that feels like a family. Small enough that everybody can know everybody. The strong commitment to faith based education is evident.
Harvest Christian Academy is everything you could want in a Christian school. It is truly driven to advance students in not only their academic abilities, but in their overall being. HCA has a small-town feel even in the midst of the huge metroplex it is located in. They are very intentional about the students personal relationships with God, and this is shown through daily chapel, biblical integration in all classes, teachers' investment in their students lives, and special events such as "Spiritual Emphasis Week". HCA provides an environment where students are comfortable getting involved in many different activities in school; from praise and worship band to sports to speech class and musical theater, HCA encourages students to participate. It is a place to flourish in your relationship with Christ as you figure out who you are and what the calling on your life is as you prepare for college and the future beyond.
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