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Harvard-Westlake is a great school for students who want to push themselves academically. If you're willing to work hard, it's a great school that provides you lots of opportunities. The college counselor/dean program is great. There's a little bit of a "we're better than everyone" attitude which is sometimes warranted, but usually isn't, and it's very annoying. The programs at HW are still really good, though.
Harvard-Westlake's reputation matches reality: it is definitely an extremely challenging school with a lot of competition. You are pushed everyday and it's definitely very challenging. However, I feel like I've grown so much while I've been there. Harvard Westlake has made me feel like I'm prepared for college and I will actually have the skills to succeed. I get great teachers, great students who are all super motivated, and great courses. I'm not looked down upon for actually trying to do well in school, something that I had experienced before going here. When all is said, if you want to challenge yourself and grow to be a better person in every way possible, this is the place for you.
This school bases its admissions on sports and legacy to ivy leagues rather than higher learning and inspired academic students its a joke to have such an amazing campus and admit based on non academic values
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Harvard-Westlake's faculty and staff are absolutely incredible and truly want each student to succeed. Teachers are always willing to work one-on-one with students who want to improve and encourage kids to formulate their own thoughts and ideas. On top of that the school has incredible facilities and resources.
Harvard-Westlake has excellent academics and good teachers, and I like that the school encourages students to meet teachers outside of class. Stress is still a problem, but there is an active collaboration between student representatives and the administration to reduce it.
This school is incredible. I have been there for performances and other events and the academics are outstanding. The teachers are so kind but teach the courses very well. There. is a large variety of ethnic groups and many sports that you can play. I think the school should be ranked the best in the country for high school and middle school but it is ranked second in the country.
My son started at HW in the 9th grade. He looked at many schools when his prior school ended in 8th grade. We took a leap of faith, as the decision to attend HW meant: he would know very few, if any, HW students; he would catch the daily shuttle at 6:30 am; and we had very little prior personal knowledge of HW, except by reputation. Hands down, he could not have chosen a better school, both by fit, quality of teachers, close friends he has made, and pure enjoyment of the opportunities HW offers. As parents with initial reservations, we are one of HW's biggest fans. Yes, it's challenging, but HW's approach to address competitiveness is to be commended. My son said he thinks his 4 years at HW will likely be the best years of his life.
its calming and such while still having the amazing programs a private school like this is. I would recommend this school to anyone because it is absolutely a fit choice for a diversity of student. do keep in mind it is a private school so it isn't cheap
Wow! I have had an incredible time at Harvard-Westlake. I may have spent a few too many nights studying but I ultimately learned from these experiences. Amazing teachers that inspired great conversations! You are surrounded by smart students ready to learn.
I think that Harvard-Westlake was a very interesting way to spend my middle and high school years. It was very rigorous but I feel that it prepared me for college better than anyone I know, and I believe I learned a lot of skills that will help me for the rest of my life. It was difficult at the time, but I cannot imagine my life any other way.
It’s been a year since my daughter transferred into HW upper school from a different school. It was a difficult decision for her to leave the comfort of her friends to enter a more rigorous school. But she is a competitor and HW provides the tools to take scholars with similar drive to a higher level of learning. The faculty is superb. Her teachers constantly engage her and her dean is always there to make sure she is happy while helping her to reach her educational goals. She has joined some great clubs and met some outstanding friends. I’m sure this school may not be right for everyone. From my perspective, if your child wants to challenge himself or herself educationally, this is an excellent school.
Incredible students and incredible faculty. The education I received can't be matched. It often feels, however, that Harvard-Westlake prioritizes being a business over being a place of education. Student happiness can't get any lower, while athletic achievement and college acceptances can't get any higher. The homework level is absurdly high to the point that it's counter-productive, as students walk in half-asleep to classes.
Though Harvard-Westlake has a reputation for being very difficult, there's way more to the school than that. They prepare students extremely well for college. They have amazing resources, including mental health counselors and deans, who help students through high school as well as the college process, and incredibly supportive teachers. Although the workload is sometimes a lot, it helps students learn to time manage and communicate with their teachers.
Can't exactly describe the way that going to HW made me feel. As an alum, I feel comfort knowing that I no longer attend and that my friends won't have to be there anymore.
Sad to say not a great experience. Wish everyone the best, but not a good place to be. Lacked in terms of socioeconomic diversity. Some of the students truly do not care about anything but themselves. Would give 0 stars if I could.
One of the worst experiences of my life attending HW. The student body is stuck up, rude, and too worried about appearances to care about anything meaningful.
Deciding to go to Harvard Westlake was one of the best decisions of my life, and even though it got difficult sometimes, I always knew that I had a great support structure in my teachers and friends.
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Harvard-Westlake is the dream school everyone thinks of. The faculty genuinely cares about your experience, and the community here is supportive and open minded to new experiences. I could not have asked for a better school to attend. I grew as a person here, and I learned how to become a better student. People are always concerned the work load is going to be overwhelming, but with the helpful teachers and the opportunity to take classes you are interested in, this school allows you to find new passions.
harvard westlake is the epitome of an outstanding preparatory school. although the academics and challenging environment are vigorous, the school still exceeds in all art and athletic programs as well. all students and faculty share a passion towards their beloved school, Harvard Westlake. Go Wolverines!
I currently am in 9th grade at Harvard Westlake and I can genuinely say that it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. At this school, the teachers are engaging, caring, and fantastic at their job. Although challenging, Harvard Westlake has provided me with the access to high-level and truly amazing academics. Every day I enjoy and am truly impressed with what I am learning. I have been on multiple sports teams at the school which has been competitive but also an incredible bonding experience. The art classes and clubs at the school allow for an education that is off the beaten path and truly exciting for students. I wouldn't trade my experience at this school for anything.