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I like how kind and welcoming all the teachers are. There are plenty of opportunities for all students. The one flaw I feel HHS exhibits is the counseling department. They are unorganized, take too long to get back to students or inform them of important events, and are unprepared to help students apply to colleges.
The school only really cares if you have a name. meaning someone who's really know well if you are not you are nothing to them. Teachers don't help much. There are a few who will put out the extra effort to help you.
Hartford High School is a school of about 500 students in Hartford, Vermont. I enjoy the helpful, caring staff of who I’ve been able to call my teachers, and who I’m incredibly thankful for. The programs at the school are limitless. From the award winning Performing Arts department, competitive athletics, beautiful fitness center and all of the clubs offered, there is surely something available for everyone. If not, one can create their own club or get their own sports team created, which last year allowed for volleyball, bass fishing and alpine skiing all to become sport teams at the school. The school is a true melting pot. Students and teachers from various backgrounds all are able to come together to create a safe, excepting and enjoyable environment so everyone is able to learn and work together to the best of their abilities. It truly is hard to imagine going to high school anywhere else, as the relationships that I have built there will last a lifetime.
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Hartford High School has small classes of an average of 15 students which makes for a safe, intimate learning environment. Many of the teachers are exceedingly kind and great teachers. However the school is underfunded and lacks resources and opportunities.
I love art and both of the teachers where such a big part of my high school experience. Almost all the teachers I have had are amazing and fun to learn from. The school is very passionate about football which is great but those are the only games that people really care about. We have had a lot of teacher turnover in the past years. Over all I think that your experience is what you make it. With the Hartford area career and tech center right next door we get the chance to take classes with other kids from different schools. The tech center has so many programs there is something for everyone. Hartford provides a lot of opportunities for it students.
This school provides numerous opportunities for student success. There are many opportunities for students to challenge themselves, and many clubs and organizations to get involved with.
I would like to see the administration change in dealing with matters that are very appealing to others.
This school is really bad. There are only a few decent teachers, the students are really unpleasant, the food is gross, and the building is ugly. Don't go to school here if you have the choice.
Hartford High School can be good for students who have a drive and are willing to make sacrifices as it provides plenty of self run opportunities. I enjoy this freedom but also see it as a problem for less academically driven students, I would really like to see more encouragement in getting those in this situation involved in academics.
Hartford High School was a great four years. I feel as if I could go to my teachers about any problems I had in and out of school. I had close relationships with almost all my professors. I played sports all year round (field hockey, basketball, softball). Sports kept my life balanced. In my all of four years at Hartford High, not a whole lot changed. What could have been more different was the administration. The administration wasn't as great as it could have been and I think at times it set students back from extra circular activities, and such.
Not a very large school but it is also not too small. I know and recognize just about everyone in the school which is nice. The teachers are great and are very motivated and obviously love what they do. Everyone has a certain respect and is treated very well at this school.
I have a had a great experience so far. Like any school, Hartford could change some of their ways. I, along with other people, have trouble contacting our guidance counselors and having them answer our questions concerning school. Hartford could and should work on their school pride.
I had a great experience at this school, the teachers and staff are great. If you choose the right teachers your experiences at this school can be outstanding. The sports teams are also great if you are interested in playing one. There are many extracurriculars for you to do also.
My experience at Hartford High School has certainly had a positive influence on my future. I have met friends, made a positive and lasting impact on the community and have connections that will be with me for the rest of my life. I have been able to make positive connections with the teachers and have a positive and healthy environment in the school.
The teachers are very knowledgable and care about the students' learning
The students at this school are very nice and caring but not at all diverse
There are a variety of clubs to get involved with but it can be difficult because many meet at the same time
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Its very accepting and allows each person to find their interests and provides a way to help them get involved
The teachers at this school care about their students and their successes
The majority of the teachers were here at Hartford because they cared for the students and had them at best interest. They always tried to make themselves available to students based on the students schedule.
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