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Hartford Central Middle/High School Reviews

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Hartford is a good school to attend as far as the teachers. But the administration and school board are more worried about themselves other than the students. Instead of putting money towards sports and clubs they spend more of it on buying new camera systems that aren’t necessary.
Hartford Central School is a small district of less than 1,000 students Pre-K through 12th grade. It is in a small country town in upstate NY. Many like-minded country-loving people throughout the town and school. Not an extensive amount of school spirit but it is beginning to grow again. Athletics are taking a dip in participation numbers but food is on the rise.
I think this school is very safe. They take all measures to keep bullying to be a bare minimum. All doors have locks all the way around the building so no one can get it in. Theres also camera on every door. School nurse is lovely she's lively she makes sure everyone has all their forms submitted and helps with athletic sports very much
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This school offers a wide variety of clubs and activities students may join.
My favorite thing about Hartford is the helpfulness. Everyone always chipped in and helped out to get everything done. Everyone wanted to see the school do great things and make it shall students were able to participate in everything they wanted to participate in. Such as prom the whole school pitched in so the night could be possible for the junior/senior prom since we can only have it every other year due to how small the school is. I wish I attended this school far before I did. I think I would have enjoyed my whole high school career a lot more than I did, if i had gone there the whole time.
I have attended a larger school before transferring to Hartford. I used to get bullied pushed around and no one ever seemed to care. Once I began my career at Hartford, students, faculty and staff were amazing. Teachers got to know you, how you learned the best and incorporated that into all the assignments. Teachers in Hartford go to sporting events and keep tabs and support their students in every way they can. I've never met or seen such amazing teachers out of all the schools i have attended through out my adolescent schooling career.
Hartford may not be the best school, but it is a good choice for students to come and learn. The student to staff ratio is better than bigger schools. The kids who need help, get it. The lunches may be bad but it's mostly due to the government not our lunch staff. The varsity softball team is amazing, along with the other sports programs. Over all this is a nice small social school.
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