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Fairly small school so you can always expect a nice amount of time with the teachers to get a good education. The teachers all really want the best for your education. There are some "Bad kids" but honestly they are just attention seekers and there's only like 2 fights a year but I've never seen one personally. The lunch food is great and lots of variety. Good cross country basketball and wrestling team. The past 3 years were amazing for drama with a show that sold out in our almost 600 person auditorium.
It was small which was easier for people to become more connected with more that just a couple of friends or only certain people.
I always feel welcome and the teachers are great. I have been here since I was in fifth grade and grew up with awesome peers. The students are more like a family and everyone is welcome to something. They have different clubs for different people and things.
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I am currently a Junior at Hart High school. So far my experience has been great. The school recently was remolded. In fact my class is the first class to be in it when it was finished.
I think my experience was normal, a small community makes me feel safer. I just wish there was more opportunities to do in school.
Hart High School is very involved with the community. Hart is a well rounded school with a very diverse population. The community is very involved with athletics and there is always a crowd for every event. The teachers at Hart High School are kind and are caring towards the students. They help with every possible way to help the students to understand the content and to pass classes.
my experience was good, I liked the art classes I took. I played softball two years in high school and the team was really good and the coaches were excellent. I enjoyed my senior English class, and I got the chance to go to a writers retreat and learn new techniques from a real published author.
My experience with hart high school has been good but long, I liked the environment of the school, somethings that could change are the activities for the spirt weeks.
Overall my experience at Hart High School was pretty good. I had good teachers with plenty of access to opportunities for help with my studies. I feel that I was in a school district that truly cared about the students. Teachers were supportive and professional.
While being small, our high school is full of school spirit and surrounded by a community of cultural diversity. My experience has been small classrooms with multiple teachers who excel at making greater opportunities for their students, like travelling to make different countries and taking AP classes. Our Cross Country, Track and Wrestling teams go to state every year, and we are so proud to say we are Hart when it comes to those few sports.
I liked how the staff tried to help students support classes they were interested in and help them learn! They could really improve the distribution of funds for more education opportunities though.
The different parts of the student body tended to keep to themselves. Everyone was pretty friendly and it wasn't too hard to make new friendships there.
My experience here at hart high school was amazing, all the teachers were friendly, I really felt like they wanted me to succeed. Im sure the student around me felt the same. But my favorite part about being a student at hart high school would have to be that everyone knew everyone, everyone was friends with everyone. And that to me would consider this school as my second home.
I like how I was connected with everyone in the school even if I didn't have classes with them. I hope that they can improve in making the school a more enjoyable place.
Hart High School has been a great experience for myself for the past four years. I transferred there at the start of high school since I was in private school for my other years of school. I was easily accepted into a friend group that I enjoy so much.
I have had a great experience at Hart High School. If you involve yourself in activities you will have fun and learn a lot.
Hart High School was fun, the teachers were great, some better than others which you can expect everywhere. There is definitely a lot of character in every person that attends the school. Also, the learning environment is newly renovated and is nice for a fresh start.
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It was a really nice experience at Hart high School. The teachers were always willing to help, there were free study sessions if needed, and the students were always really nice to one another; especially to the special needs kids. The school recently even built new facilities as well and it looks wonderful.
At Hart High School the principle and teachers in the facility hold values and the well being of their students high and are always willing to listen and help out their children.
Honestly when it comes to a small school like Hart, the thing that deserves the most recognition is the teachers. Having small class sizes really gives you a personal relationship with all your teachers. When I graduated from there, he school building hadn't really been updated since the sixties. I'm sure the experience is a little more enjoyable since the renovations were done. Overall, the school is fine. There isn't really a better school close enough to make a drive worth while.
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