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I transferred to a school 45 minutes away just to get away from Harrison Middle School. I was bullied relentlessly, and I am much happier at another school even though the ride to said school can be up to an hour and a half. The bullying is horrible, and it's "bully or be bullied." After the constant bullying became too much, I told the administration, and I was told to "get over it." I had to sit at lunch with my math teacher for an entire year because I felt like I couldn't sit next to anyone at lunch. I would recommend looking at St. Johns, which is nearby, because the private schools are college prep. However, the high school doesn't have a curriculum that prepares students for college. Even after doing all advanced classes and the highest classes offered at the middle school, I had to redo two math courses because the middle school failed to prepare me for high school.
Harrison Middle is one of the best schools my kids have ever been in. They made my daughter feel welcome. There was zero bullying. The kids and teachers are all fantastic.
Don't even get me started. Everyone hates it. We make jokes about it daily. The only good thing about it is how unified we are against our constant misery.
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Even though I’d love to say that I enjoyed middle school (I now attend another public hs), I did not enjoy my experience here. I noticed that the administration advocates the teachers, when many times, the teachers are the root of the problem. The staff tells the students that trust is a big role in making our school great, but they only want us to trust them, when they do not trust us whatsoever.
If you are considering going here, don’t. Just don’t. If you value yourself (as a human in general), I strongly recommend staying as far away from the building as possible.
I have had a horrible experience here. There is no diversity and many teachers don’t care whatsoever. Our building is falling apart and the student mood is overall sad and gloomy. Nobody here is happy and the student body often makes jokes about how much we hate it.
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